Saturday, January 23, 2010

What to do about lunch.....

Ok, so I HAVE a problem….I don’t know what to carry to work for lunch:( Now I know this may sound silly, BUT honestly it’s a dilemma in my mind. For a very long time, my safety net for lunch has been SmartOnes. I would take them everyday…Occasionally[a little more than I should] I would go to Moes[right across from work] and grab lunch, but what I eat there is $8.00 and I can’t spend that everyday. These are things I’ve tried, and the problems I have with them:

Baked spaghetti[I only like it the day after it was originally cooked]

Peanut Butter sandwich[I feel guilty eating it more than one day because of the fat]

Salad[get tired of it…and hate preparing it everyday]

Smoothie[don’t ever want it once I get to work because it’s not as filling or it doesn’t sound as good as regular food]

Egg sandwich[love eggs, but the whole heating it up thing after it’s been cooked gets to me]

Are you starting to see my dilemma? I’m a little picky……..
I’ve thought about Chili-I love chili but am trying to cut out a lot of meat…..I HONESTLY NEED HELP! What is something good that I can take for lunch, low in fat and calories, healthy, and taste good:)

 Please help……


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carissa said...

i felt the same way about taking lunch to work. i would always just go for some sort of sandwich. egg salad, tuna, turkey, chicken... i used to love bringing carrots and celery with some ranch or veggie dip. easy to prepare and i could snack on it all day if i wanted to. or, just take your leftovers from dinner the night before. that was always the easiest thing.