Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My sweet little Miley...

This post is going to be about our dog Miley:)

We got Miley a little over 2 years ago! She was a birthday present from Kaz. I had planted the seed in his ear that I wanted a puppy, and he finally gave in [He wanted one just as badly]. When he told me, that he was getting me a puppy and we could pick her up, I couldn’t stand it. See we were supposed to go pick her up TOGETHER 2 days later…BUT that wasn’t working for me. I wanted her that day! Kaz was working on a project that night, so I said I would be fine to get her myself. We didn’t have a crate or anything, so I thought well since she’s a puppy a plastic storage container would suffice for the ride home…BIG MISTAKE! She jumped out not even half a mile down the road. So I had to ride with a rambunctious puppy in my lap all the way home [which was about 45 minutes]. The family who raised her [she was 6 weeks old when we got her] named her Mandy. That didn’t work well for me, but I wanted to keep the M, so we came up with Miley[not after Miley Cyrus-although I like watching Hannah Montana!]

The first night was very interesting! We didn’t have a crate so we had to put up some old boards for her to stay enclosed in 1 area. A couple times throughout the night, I woke up to her jumping on the bed with me and Kaz. Needless to say, the boards didn’t work and we went the next day to get a crate!

Below are a few pictures from our first day with Miley:)

Miley is a really good dog. We couldn’t imagine not having her, although she does get into a LOT of trouble and has the craziest mood swings.

A few things about Miley…
She loves water, a bath, and the MUD!

She loves any toys that squeaks, balls, socks, or any clothes that smell.

She loves smelling my breath in the mornings, although I’m not sure why!

She barks at fly’s, birds, insects…anything that moves!

Her favorite place in the house is the bathtub…AND if the bathroom door is not shut when someone is taking a shower, she has been known to jump in and join!

She loves going places-If she sees the car kennel she becomes uncontrollable with excitement to leave.
In a dog training class, she was the worst student.

I entered her in the Lowcountry's Naughtest Dog contest and she came in second.

She’s scared of sidewalk storm drains.

She’s very protective of me and Kaz…If Kaz ever starts even playing with me, she will bite his butt! She loves me the most:)

If she sees that we are leaving the house, she gets sad and will turn her back to you and give you the saddest eyes!

She will eat anything [yesterday she actually ate a piece of fabric:( I couldn’t get it away from her].

She loves peanut butter!

I call her Miley Mae and Stinker…She comes to both!

She can’t stand for water to be in a bowl-She digs in out in a matter of minutes

I dress her up all the time [For Halloween she has been a hotdog and banana!]

She loves being with me in our office. That’s her favorite room. When I get let her out of her kennel in the afternoons she immediately grabs a toy and runs to the office!

She thinks our bed is hers..She doesn’t sleep with us but jumps on the bed every morning and scrubs!

If she’s in trouble, she hides underneath the table so we can’t get to her.

Her favorite treat is Ice!

She’s the best dog! Below are a few pictures of Miley:)

Sad eyes...

She used to do this when she was little...I miss it:(

She claimed this chair...we don't have it anymore..

This is how she plays with her toys...on her back...

In the mud...Oh BOY....

Her favorite place...the bathtub....



. said...

Miley is SO cute!!! I think it's funny that she's a little stinker and give you guys a hard time. That make you love her even more!

Beth Priest said...

so cute!

Faith said...

She is just beautiful! I love her pretty eyes and she is such a pretty color. I just love my furbaby too =)

And, yes...Dutch Blitz is just like Nertz! We love to play that too when we have enough decks of cards!

Hope you're having a great week!