Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Computers and Customer Service….

So, I must say that I HATE customer service [I know hate is a strong word…but it’s the truth]. Every time I even think about having to return something, or calling a company’s customer service something in my stomach tightens and I just don’t want to do it…Kaz say’s I have no patience and he’s right…See I used to be a personal banker with Bank of America, and for a lot of things that needed to be done I would have to call customer service…Now MOST of the time they were really helpful BUT the customer wasn’t always so nice which in turn made me DIS-LIKE my job….When I have to deal with customer service, I TRY to be nice because I know that makes a difference BUT this is what makes me UPSET…When customer service doesn’t believe me or doesn’t want to do their job…THAT’S what GETS me. SO…..this brings me to my story….

Back in May 2009, Kaz and I purchased a new computer. It wasn’t cheap because we got one that would be beneficial to us and that I could use for my photography business. We compared prices and found the computer we wanted to get....It was HP, 1 tb, 26 inch screen, wireless mouse and keyboard…VERY nice. We ended up getting it from Sam’s because there prices were a little cheaper. I was stoked about this computer! Well, it only ran properly for about the first month. It started making the craziest noise when it cut off, it kept getting slower and slower[and I save everything on external hard drives, so there wasn’t a lot of stuff on the hard drive itself], and it would literally take about 20 minutes for the computer to come up. That’s not normal for a 3-6 month old computer…I took it to the IT guy at work and he did everything he knew how….and nothing changed. So last night, I got fed up with the computer and decided I was going to call Sam’s. In my mind, I honestly didn’t think they would do anything BUT the manager was so nice and said they would give me a FULL refund! So Kaz and I took the computer to Sam’s and they followed through on their word. They GAVE US a FULL refund. The customer service was so nice I cried when we left because that never happens [well it happened one other time with the tax assessor’s office…and I cried then too!].

It really was a blessing from the Lord…I mean I use this computer everyday and need it for my business…

SO today I’m going to get another computer…NOT an HP because I just had a bad experience….BUT an Apple! We should have just got it to begin with…and we really talked about it BUT the HP had a bigger hard drive so we went with it..

Really, I hope this story gives you encouragement that the LORD is GOOD. HE does care even about the SMALL things in life….and can teach us lessons even through customer service:)

Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.



Beth Priest said...

Amy the Mac will not disappoint! For some reason I don't know why but you can't compare harddrive numbers with macs and pc's cuz they are not apple to apples. Macs numbers are less but it doesn't mean that it is less computer macs just don't need the same space or something blah blah blah. It will take some getting use to but you will LOVE it!

Faith said...

That's awesome!! I'm just a wee bit jealous...I would love to have a mac! It will be awesome for your photography though. So excited for you!!