Monday, January 25, 2010

My obsession with reality tv….

I have SO many things that I WANT to blog about today….SO I’ll start with reality TV!!!

First…Last night on Keeping up with the Kardashians, they aired the part that was filmed at the Luxe Hotel [where we saw Khloe and Bruce!] Thankfully, they didn’t show me and Kaz in the background…I think I would have looked like an idiot in my star struck moment…BUT I was so surprised because not only was Khloe and Bruce at the hotel BUT the whole family was! They were ALL staying in the room right next door to us…Turns out they were having a press conference at the Hotel regarding a celebrity boxing match! I can’t believe we were that close to celebrities and didn’t even know it:) Makes me laugh….

Second, I watched The Pregnancy Pact last night on Lifetime. Now, I’m not a Lifetime girl BUT I’ve been seeing the preview for this movie for awhile and I really wanted to watch it! The story is crazy…It’s based on the actual events of a group of teenage girls making a pact to get pregnant at the same time. More than 150 pregnancy test were given out at this school in a year!!! In a year to high school students…1 girl who actually became pregnant confessed that the father was a 24 year old homeless man. Families were torn apart….It’s a crazy story. I remember hearing it on the news but seeing the movie last night made me want to read more about it…I would be interested to know what the girls think and feel today….To read about this story click here.

Third, tonight GREEK comes back on!!! YAY, FINALLY! I’ve been waiting in expectation to see what happens….This show always leaves me hanging…I know Kaz is ecstatic…[did you catch the sarcasm there]…

And last, I’m super excited about a new reality show about Kelly Cutrone! If you watch the Hills or the City, she was [and is] Whitney Port’s boss at People Revolution. I don’t like her personality at all…She’s very harsh at times but I’m interested to see more of her life. The show starts next week!

Ok, so enough with my love for reality TV [even though Greek and The pregnancy pack aren’t reality TV]…..


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carissa said...

this is all greek to me (and i'm not talking about the show! ha.)... i am clueless when it comes to reality tv. i guess i get my reality doses from reading random peoples blogs. kelly always wonders why i read about people i will never know. but, hey, other people's lives are interesting.

p.s. - your sweater really is awesome. it looked so great on you.