Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to Moes....

I LOVE Moe’s!!!! Have you ever eaten there? Well, today is Moe’s Monday. Moe’s Monday means that you get a burrito and drink for $5. Guess what, I get to have Moe’s Monday 2xs:) Well, I just had it for lunch and then tonight our community group is meeting there for dinner! I’m super excited!

My normal order at Moe’s is:
John Coctostan(chicken and rice)

I get excited when Kaz and I get to go to Moe’s together because I know how much he loves it! I work right across the street from one so most of the time I go on my lunch break! Kaz and I used to have a LOT of dates at Moes:) It brings a smile to my face!

It’s not too late-You can still make it for Moe’s Monday! Have a [Moe]Terrific Monday!


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Beth Priest said...

you post says that you posted it at 10 in the am. What r u doing eating lunch that early?