Sunday, January 03, 2010

2 glasses of carrot juice anyone...

SOOO....We decided to juice! AND it was actually good! We talked about it all week, and the benefits out weigh giving up "foods that aren't as good for us". I saw an add on TV that Macy's was having a 40% off sale on all juicers and mixers so once we flew back into Charlotte yesterday from St. Louis we found a Macy's and bought a mixer for a fantastic deal. Here's the juicer we got!

850 watts, 2 speed

This morning we went and bought all of the vegetables for the week! Kaz mixed the first batch which came to about a liter. This is what was in it:
1 bag whole carrots
1/2 bag cellery
1 green apple
1 tangerine
Half of a zuccinni
Half of cucumber
Here's a picture of Kaz mixing everything together!

Here's the result!

I thought it would taste like carrots but it was actually a pretty sweet tasting drink. It filled me up for about 2 1/2 hours and wasn't bad tasting at all! I'm excited for this "healthy" journey!


carissa said...

i think this is awesome. i wish i could taste it... you made my mouth water. you got an awesome juicer! breville is a great company... i got to learn all about it when i worked at the kitchen store. i know you will just love using it!

Beth Priest said...