Sunday, January 24, 2010


I think the word overwhelmed is an understatement….My life the last 8+ months has been crazy! The Lord blessed me with photography, and it seems like within a matter of 2 months I had more work than I could keep up with on top of working a full-time job, being a wife, friend, and daughter! I honestly never knew that having a business would be so much work BUT it really is! I feel behind all the time…There’s always something that I NEED to do! Going into 2010 I knew that January and February would be my slowest time[I have 40 weddings THIS year-27 of them between April-July!] So I’ve been looking forward to these 2 months for awhile, honestly more than anything just to be able to rest a little….WELL, Yesterday I became so overwhelmed with things that needed to be done photography wise that I literally didn’t even know where to begin. That never happens to me…I’m usually really good at placing priorities on things and making a list, BUT yesterday I made a list and just looked at it for a good 30 minutes+.

In 2009, I wasn’t the best at keeping up with mileage, expenses, etc so I’ve had to go back and try and re-create all of that. Lesson learned…2010 will be dealt with day by day! So I’m working on 2009 tax stuff[I’m almost finished!], a couple sets of pictures to edit, 2 engagement picture books to make, organize all my files because I just got a new file cabinet, along with some other miscellaneous stuff! The word SLOW makes me laugh…Things haven’t slowed down at all! I guess that’s a good thing though…


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Beth Priest said...

I hear you! Your life is crazy!