Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a trip home...

On Sunday I went home to my parents house for a couple hours. It was a very short trip! While I was there I got to see my 2 cousins Ethan and Alan! They are both getting ready to add baby sisters to their family in April. When they saw me, they both shot me...[I guess they were playing guns:)]

And of course, my favorite, Mr. Billy! He started crying when me and mom walked in. He is the sweetest man! He asked about Leroy[my goat] as always. Mom said don't you remember he passed away. Mr. Billy started crying even more. He said there is such a thing as goat heaven! He does melt my heart!
AND this is his roommate:) He loves seeing us too:)
On the trip back, I got a text from Kaz with this picture. It said, Miley was so happy you are coming home she jumped on the counter! Yes, thats my counter beside the sink! She has not jumped up there again BUT IF SHE DOES she will get a scolding:)


Missy said...

Oh my goodness....I always look forward to your posts because there is almost always something about your sweet dog and your pictures make my heart melt! She looks so innocent in that picture on the that is what you would find in every home! I have a 70 pound dog and I don't think she could make it up on our counter! Thankfully!

mom said...

Miley might try that again. I am sure David will let her when we come down there espically if you are not in the same room. Have a great day, love mom.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

I can't believe she jumped up there!!! She's crazy! And oh so cute! I always love the pics of you and Mr. Billy... You are such a sweetheart to him.

Ps. The name Camden is awesome.

Bernice said...

Miley looks as she wants to say.."Why did you put me up here? She is not going to be happy."
I am sure your hubby wouldnt do that:)
She is soooo cute.