Tuesday, March 29, 2011

about me...

I ALWAYS wear pearls when I workout!
I make such a MESS when I eat...I’m always the one with crumbs all around my plate! No matter how hard I try, I always have crumbs...
I complain all the time that my parents NEVER have any food at their house. When I go home, I search the cabinets over for snacks! One time I was so desperate, I mixed rice crispys and Marshmellow fluff thinking it may taste like rice crispy treats. WRONG! double YUK!
I have ABSOLUTELY NO PATIENCE when it comes to customer service! Kaz always says he’s glad he’s my husband and not the store representative I’m talking too!
When I’m driving and I get stopped by a light, I can’t be in line with the car beside me. If they get in line with me, I have to keep inching my way up until we are no longer in line with one another! It drives me CRAZY!
I put baby powder in my hair when I don’t want to wash it! It’s a bad habbit!
I always wear lounge clothes around the house...the problem is I always grab Kaz’s t-shirts instead of my own!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE old people! I can cry just seeing one! They melt my heart!
I’m a reality show junkie! Currently my dvr shows are: Teen Mom 2, The Real Housewives of EVERY city except NJ, Bethany Ever After, The Celebrity Apprentice, Kourtney and Kim take NY, Holly’s World, Sister Wives[I HAVE NO IDEA WHY?], Million Dollar Listing....the list continues...Those are just whats on right now!
I LOVE Burger King’s French Toast sticks! I could eat them every morning for breakfast:)
I don’t like my neck showing...I try to cover it up with high necks or my hair!
I LOVE pictures! I have them everywhere in my house! AND to be honest, I prefer the non-professional ones! 
I wear brown Rainbow flip flops pretty much year round! My last pair had a whole in the bottom of them and my heel would touch the ground when I wore them. I still wore them for almost 7 months before my mom graciously decided to buy me a new pair!

My dad sends me an email everyday asking what Miley’s doing. I always try to send a few pictures a week! I tend to get a little crazy dressing her up for funny pictures to send to him, Kaz, and my mom! I really do not dress her up all the time...only for a few pictures every now and then:)
BUT this is by FAR my favorite picture of Kaz and Miley!
I say a lot of words that sound really country...I try not too BUT I just can’t help it:) Instead of for...I usually say fur. “What are you looking fur?” I say ya’ll a WHOLE lot! AND Kaz’s favorite heel instead of hill! 

I LOVE to have my back scratched. I always say they need to add that into services at spas! I would definitely get it:)

If I go home to my parents house and Kaz isn't with me, I always get my mom to sleep with me! I hate sleeping by myself:)

I re-read and email or text about 4 times before sending...It drives Kaz crazy!


mom said...

Poor Miley, I bet she hates you putting clothes on her. That is why she is always ready to come to my house. I could add a few things about you but I want. But of course you know they are all good coming from your mom. I love you.

Rebecca Jo said...

I ADORE that picture looking over the fence... that's awesome!

I totally re-read emails quite a few times myself & try to think how someone else would "read" into the words... I'm very weird about that.

Girl - I'm "twanging" away with you on words. The youth kiddos always make fun of the way I say "toilet" - which is more like "Tore-let" & naked, I say "Nay-Kit" ... they'll always think of me when they hear those words now though ;)

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Love that last picture...you should frame it if you haven't :) Lisa

Jemsmom said...

Love that picture of Miley and Kaz! That is priceless. I am a reality show junkie too! Girl, you need to watch Survivor! It is the best!!! The Real Housewives suck me right in every time...

Christina said...

Love the last picture! I have been meaning to tell you that I really appreciate your post on waiting. I even included it in my latest blog post!Thanks for being so honest!

will + adri said...

Love all of those reality shows, no clue why - but I just cannot stop watching them! My hubs was not so fond of me watching the Housewives of various places, but now he is just as hooked as I am. Happens to the best of us. ;-)