Monday, March 14, 2011

day 3....

The morning of day 3, we went back to the grand canyon for a few more hours! It was SO COLD AND WINDY! We went to a watch tower at the end of the South Rim that was really neat BUT SCARY! I do not like heights especially in the grand canyon:)

The canyons were so pretty....There were a ton of clouds AND it even started to snow as we were leaving! It was a beautiful ending:)

Kaz being mischievous again...

We made our way back to Las Vegas where we had dinner at KOI in Planet Hollywood. THIS time we made early reservations for 6pm. SO EARLY that we had the whole restaurant to ourselves:) KOI is a Japanese restaurant which by the way was amazing! Kaz loved the sushi. 
After dinner we walked around the strip and in some of the hotels. It was SO WINDY that night...So windy that we couldn't look up as we walked because sand was blowing everywhere!
We visited the World's largest Chocolate factory AND I GOT a chocolate CREPE! YUMMMMM YUMMMMM!

I had to say goodbye to the rock:)
Day 3 was a lot of fun BUT we were exhausted! Day 4[last day] tomorrow!


mom said...

None of the pictures showed up for me. Love you, mom

Ashley said...

Looks like tons of fun!