Friday, March 11, 2011

day 2....

We left Vegas Saturday morning and made our way towards the Grand Canyon. Along the way, we stopped to see the Hoover Dam. It was quiet amazing!

Kaz and I are in different states...Arizona and Nevada! [I had another picture in mind BUT NO ONE was around to take it:(]

Day 2 was my FAVORITE day of the whole trip. Kaz and I had such a fun time on the drive and walking around the Hoover Dam/Grand Canyon. Sometimes Kaz wonders about me....We rented a car that had this nifty little ipod plug in it. I tried for awhile to charge my iPhone in it but that didn't work so then I thought well surely you must be able to listen to your music on the ipod through the car speakers. I have an iPod on my phone so I tried it out...I didn't hear anything so then I pressed play on the iPod[on my phone] and the music started. I said, "WOW, that's really cool!" Kaz just looked at me....He said "Amy, you're hearing the music from your phone not through the speakers!" Silly me:) That's just 1 of the CRAZY things I said on the drive...It's amazing how little I know about history and geography...Put me in the dessert and I'm bound to show just how dumb I can be:)
The Grand Canyon was amazing! It honestly didn't look real. I took so many pictures...While it looks so different in person, it all looks the same in pictures:( Words can't even describe the beauty, nor the mind grasp the width and depth of the canyons...It was beautiful! Kaz of course, had to be a boy and tried to get as close to the tips as he could! I told him if he accidentally fell he would cause 2 deaths because I would jump off...I hoped that would be his motivation to stay away from the edges BUT no such luck[more pictures of his mischievousness next week!]
Here are a few pictures from our first day in the Grand Canyon! We even saw snow:) It was beautiful!


Traci said...

Isn't it breathtaking! Our trip to Vegas/Grand Canyon is one of my all time favorites. Look forward to hearing about what else you did.

Ashley said...

so fun!!!!! Love all the green stuff (jacket, vest, your blog!). Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!!!