Monday, March 14, 2011

day 4....

This was Kaz's favorite day! We went and hiked around Red Rock Canyon...[the place we were supposed to do the half-marathon]. It was AMAZING! The whole time we wished we would have ran the race, BUT in reality there would have been no way possible we could have and seen everything we did. SO, we made a promise to come back and run it another time:) Red Rock Canyon is incredible! I'm not an adventurous girl...I'm scared to death of animals[wild animals..]...As we were hiking, Kaz slowed down for a moment and picked up a rock. I asked him why, and he said just keep moving. No reason...I knew then that THERE was a REASON and he just WASN'T TELLING ME! Later, we passed a water hole and he said he picked it up because animals liked to stay around the water hole...At that point,  I wanted to run in the other direction. If my husband picks up a rock, I know somethings up! BUT I loved the fact that he was thinking for me and WOULD protect me from anything!

 That afternoon, we walked around the strip a little more and got to see some of the fountain displays! It was a fun ending to our trip:)

We had a blast! I definitely liked the outdoor-sy stuff much more than Las Vegas. I'm not sure I would go back just to go back to the city...only because it's just not my scene BUT I'm so glad we went! We needed to get away and we had a great time together:)

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SydneysHome said...

The pictures of the Grand Canyon are amazing! I'm glad yall had a fun time. Brandon and I are thinking about a trip to those same places later on this year. I have several friends whose reaction to Las Vegas was similar to yours, but I still want to visit once!