Monday, January 03, 2011

goodbye Leroy...

Years ago, I had the crazy idea that I wanted pet goats! AND I wanted them really bad! miniature ones...:)
Mom and dad agreed and we went one Friday night to a livestock auction and bid on 2 little miniature goats! I named them Billy & Giant[Kaz came up with that name!]
I LOVED them! Billy would let you hold him, pet him..whatever you wanted to do!
Giant on the other hand wouldn't come near you!
I can still remember the day they got fixed! I went inside because I couldn't bear to watch. BUT poor little things squealed so loud I could hear them inside:(
Giant didn't last very long....SO we got another goat. A bigger one! I named him Leroy. 
What better names for goats than Billy & Leroy!
Over time we came to realize that Billy wasn't a miniature goat...He WAS HUGE!
Leroy and Billy were best buds! Everybody in Patrick knew about our goats![My parents live on a main road and you can see the goat pin from the road....]
Billy died awhile back and this past weekend Leroy passed away. We knew it was only a matter of time. They were great goats and we had a lot of fun with them! I'm thankful my parents went along with my crazy idea to get them in the first place! Kaz and I had our pictures taken back in October in the country and I really wanted to take some in the goat pin because I didn't know how much longer Leroy would be around and thought it would be a neat memory! I'm so glad I did now no matter HOW CRAZY they look:)
Mr. Billy always ask me about Leroy every time I see him! 
Billy & Leroy were famous in our small town:)
Goodbye Leroy!

[Leroy to the left, Billy to the right]
 Me and Billy the day I got him
 I know this is CRAZY BUT I begged my parents to buy leashes so we could walk them one Christmas[2006]! I have no idea what I was thinking! Who takes goats on a walk? Ha
 Leroy in October
 My mom fed him saltine crackers every day!

 The whole gang!
 Last picture...the day after Christmas in the snow!

You're probably thinking," She sure is crazy"! Yes I am BUT that's okay:) 


Laura said...

I think that they are/were awesome. I now wish I had a goat. lol

Jennifer said...

That is so awesome! Goats are so cute! That picture of you and Kaz kissing with Leroy in the background has me busting up! That's a keeper for sure.

Brittany said...

Aw, what an amazing pet to have. I'm so sorry about your loss. But it's go great you got to have that experience!

Unknown said...

We used to have goats and my Poppop's - we'd bring them in the house (Mom loved that...) We had a pet cow too, his name was Copper. :-)

talbed said...

Great Story Amy, Billy, Giant and Leroy were gooood for us all. We all enjoyed them and the community did tooo. I am thankful you did want them and we were able to get them, Love you, Pop

carissa said...

i'm so sorry he's gone. what a good goat he was!

i love that you walked your goats. -too cute!

mrsashcake said...

i had a friend who has ALWAYS wanted a goat! how cool to have them as pets!!

Cary Dale Taylor said...

My mamaw used to have pet pigmy goats. My mom and step dad now have pet 3 pet goats. I love playing with them. They really don't know they are goats.