Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what I'm loving...

1. Eco Cup on Ice-I bought one of these cups for my cousin Pam for christmas. My mom also bought one for herself and I used it while I was home over Christmas. I mentioned that I liked it and mom told me to take it. I fought her for awhile and said no, I won't use it. Finally, I took it and I haven't used anything since! This cup is perfect! It doesn't sweat AT ALL, it has a lid, it's very easy to clean, AND you can carry it with you everywhere! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cup!

2. Choosing to SEE-by Mary Beth Chapman
My mom bought me this book as a stocking stuffer...I actually asked her to buy it while we were at Wal-Mart a few days before Christmas. Once we got home, I asked her if I could read it until Christmas and then she could wrap it up and put it in my stocking..[we do this a lot! If my dad only knew HOW MUCH use I get out of presents before mom wraps them....:) Ha!]
This book is INCREDIBLE! I read it in 2 days. I could NOT put it down! Mary Beth's testimony is amazing. Her heart for the Lord, her family, and adoption is written on every page! I laughed and cried throughout the whole book. I honestly felt like I knew Mary Beth personally after reading her book...It is so personal that I have found myself reading her blog the last few weeks! You SHOULD DEFINITELY read this book! 

On a side note, I joked around with Kaz a lot while reading this book...You see a couple years ago I was in Tennessee at a coffee shop with some friends listening to a band. Very small setting...We got there late so we just stood at the back. At some point[I don't remember why], I looked to see who was standing to the left of me...AND it was none other THAN STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN! The same thing happened with Beth Moore one time on a street corner! SO I always joke with Kaz that I know them personally! Ha! Kaz sure puts up with a lot from me:)

3. Tables by WhipperBerry-This blog is so inspiring! If you are planning a party or dinner[or even want decorating tips] you should definitely check out this blog for inspiration!

4. tinyprints - I got so many Christmas Cards from people who used tinyprints. I thought the quality and designs of the cards were incredible so of course I checked out their website! They have so many different options from birth announcements, calendars, stationary, to photo books! I'm always creating photo books both personally and professionally, so I decided to order one through tinyprints. I LOVE it! It was so easy to create and again great quality!

5. Amazon Kindle app-I wasn't quite sure I would like reading on my iPad and to be honest I didn't at first because I was using iBooks. I was disappointed because their choice of books to download is very minimal. Someone told me about the kindle app and I LOVE it! I have found every book I've wanted to read. It's a very easy process of downloading the books, not to mention cost effective. When I'm finished reading for the day, I can mark the page I'm on and then easily pull that page back up the next time. I can highlight sentences and make notes! It's a pretty incredible app! 

those are just a few things I'm loving right now....

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Rebecca Jo said...

OK - so you can run into SCC if you're sitting in a coffee shop in TN???? Tell me the coffee shop - I'll drive the 4 hrs to go sit in there for days!!! :)

I'd seriously pee on myself if I just "ran into" him... I'm in mad love with that man! (& his family!) ... that book was awesome!

I've seen those eco-cups... now you've got me intrigued!