Sunday, January 23, 2011

MY weight loss plan....

A lot of you have asked HOW I lost the weight....Well, my plan hasn't been super strict...ACTUALLY I went in spurts. I've always "kind of" followed weight watchers. I usually eat a smart one everyday for lunch..Last year, I was so busy working at Seacoast and doing photography I didn't exactly have a lot of time to cook so it was usually smart ones for lunch and dinner. Running was really my only form of exercise and Kaz and I started juicing back in January 2010.
Now that I have more time, I'm going to follow Weight Watchers very strict for the next 2-3 months. I REALL REALLY REALLY want to loose those additional pounds and working from home I need a strict plan! I signed up for Weight Watchers online for 3 months[$53 for the 3 months]. It's been GREAT![Mind you, I typically follow this plan anyway JUST NOT VERY STRICT...] While I already eat smart ones, 100 calorie packs, etc I'm not very good at staying within my points range..SO THAT'S going to be the real trick! Being at home everyday, I have the flexibility to eat whatever I want...that's both a good AND bad thing. Keeping track of my points is really going to help me follow a plan. 
I LOVE that I can enter the foods I've eaten and WW online tells me exactly how many calories, grams of fat, etc I've eaten AND how much I am allowed for the rest of the day. I can also track my exercise and water intake. 
The way I've set my account up, is to weigh in each Sunday. WW online will show my progress from week to week!
I'm super excited about this AND ready to loose those few extra pounds!

I'm also starting back on the "NO SODA" bandwagon that I fell off of at Christmas:( It's a very hard addiction to stop! Everytime I try to stop, I do good for awhile AND then crash. So this time I'm doing something a little different....I'm allowing myself 2 diet cokes a week. THAT'S IT! To you, that may sound like a lot BUT when you are used to drinking just diet coke all day, it's really not...This way, I can cut down the soda, but still get a little fix:)

I'm still going to continue running BUT I'm going to add in strength training 2xs a week. AND Kaz and I are going to continue juicing.
SO, there's my plan. I would LOVE to hear your tips and tricks..OR your weight watchers experience!


Stephanie said...

You are looking AMAZING!!! Be proud of yourself!

Ashley said...

Love your new pictures!!!

Just Believing said...

Havent even read this yet but love the new look and new pictures! Your gorgeous!!!

Just Believing said...

Thanks for sharing I def was curious cuz you look amazing!

I had been debating WW online I may have to do it now...I always wondered if it was worth it so def keep us updated!

I am a soda girl too! Coke is my guilty pleasure! Last week I went to the grocery store and didn't buy any so I am going to start slow and cut out the coke!

Anyways keep up the amazing work and let us know how the WW online works :)

Miranda said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!! :-) I've been looking at WW online myself... You make it sound so easy and obtainable - which is what everyone needs to hear! We need to know we can do it too! You're so awesome - thank you! :-)