Monday, February 01, 2010

A pearls kind of girl….

With earrings are you?

More traditional[hoops, studs, etc]

More modern and stylish

Or plain like me:)
See I wear pearls all the time[big ones, I don’t like small ones]. No, they are not real pearls but they are my safety net! I have tons of stylish earrings of all colors but every morning I always pick the pearls…What about you?



Faith said...

I'm a pearls kind of girl too =)

Rhonda said...

I have pearls but haven't worn them for a long time! Love all the earrings you posted! I like variety!

carissa said...

i heart all of those kinds of earrings. i never wear any jewelry except earrings, so i like to keep them somewhat intersting! i love your pearls. they look beautiful on you. wait, scratch that. you make them look beautiful! i have some just like yours and enjoy wearing mine too.