Friday, February 05, 2010

Makeup....and a dilemma....

I don’t know about you but makeup stresses me out…

All throughout high school I was a Clinique girl….Everything was Clinique BUT then for some strange reason the foundation started breaking my face out so I went back and forth between various name brands, none of which I liked.

In college, I went to South Africa one summer and my parents came over to visit. One of the girls on the trip[we happened to be roommates] used Estee Lauder. I tried it one day and fell in love with these 2 products, so I asked my mom to buy them and bring them over.

Estée Lauder Signature[Silky Powder Blush]
This may sound crazy BUT I promise I’m telling truth….This blush was the best $40 I may have ever spent[well really my mom]…It LASTED me 3 years. SERIOUSLY! I just finished using it…as you can tell from the below picture! AND I used it everyday….sometimes twice a day!

Double Wear[stay in place foundation]
I LOVE this foundation because it last so long throughout the day!
So these are my favorite makeup products, BUT my dilemma is always[when I run out] whether or not to pay that much money for them or buy cheaper, inexpensive products….As you can see with the blush I ran out…and I ended up buying cheaper products from Wal-Mart because I wanted to save money….What do you do? Do you buy the same products regardless of the cost, or buy an okay product that is a little cheaper? It ALWAYS stresses me OUT!

Take a look at Kelly’s Korner [Show us your life Friday today] to see what hundreds of other women use in makeup, and other products…



carissa said...

i have the same dilemma every time. but the good stuff really does last longer than the grocery store brands. and you know you'll love the estee lauder. if you try something new, you might hate it and then have wasted that money and think "why didn't i just go with what i know works." or at least, that's what i've done too many times to count!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I'm the same way! I use Arbonne skincare and it's expensive, even though I get a discount for selling it. I'm out of several products right now and have been using several drugstore products to get me by until I can get some more Arbonne. I have been so disappointed in everything I have tried. I think if you have a product that you love and there is anyway you can afford it - buy it! I love to save $ when I can, but it's not worth it not to be happy and to waste $ on a product you end up hating.

Beth Priest said...

I use to be a clinique girl too! I would only use the foundation and powder and lip gloss (and OCCASSIONALLY eye shadow) from there tho and get everything else at target or something. Now I use Bare Minerals and LOVE IT! I get all my make up in that brand except eyeliner and mascara. I think it is cheaper than clinique and at the most the same price but it last longer!

Lesli said...

I say if the product lasts forever and you really love it then YES buy it again. Chances are you will not be as happy with the cheaper products. You can always cut down on costs by buying cheaper mascara's, lipsticks..etc.. I use a maybelline mascara that I LOVE and would not even consider buying a more expensive brand!!

Thanks for sharing your favorites, I enjoyed reading!
Have a great weekend!