Thursday, February 18, 2010

Living in fear….

First, let me start by telling you a story that happened last night…

We bought a stroller from some friends of ours[NO, we are NOT pregnant BUT we do HOPE to have children one day AND this was a very nice stroller AND a great price!]. Well, it was in our office folded down and Miley happened to see if for the first time[We got it on Monday night]. Of course, she started barking at it and was VERY scared…I kept telling her it was Ok[because by me saying Ok, she knows it‘s OK to do something]. Well, she barked and had her tail between her legs. SO I HAD the brilliant[NOT REALLY] idea to open it up so that she could see the whole stroller. Well, I didn’t lock it so when she went to smell it, the stroller collapsed and she tucked her tail between her legs and took off running…I felt awful. So I put it up again and LOCKED it this time. She was so scared she wouldn’t even come near it. She got in the corner behind Kaz and tried her best to jump and get out of the wall in our kitchen[MIND, the stroller was nowhere near her at this time..]. So then I thought well I’ll force her to smell it SO I picked her up and took her over to it. She got away and wanted nothing to do with the stroller. SO THEN, Me AND Kaz put the stroller in the extra bedroom and took her in there and locked the door. We stayed for 20 MINUTES and still she wouldn’t go near it, so then Kaz tried once again to pick her up and take her to it. Miley was so scared that she started SHAKING FOR 10 MINUTES…SHE WAS SO SCARED. So we gave up trying….


I thought about this all last night and it reminded me of some things in my own life…Miley couldn’t see that the stroller wouldn’t hurt her…She couldn’t see that everything was ok and she was safe. By her hiding from it, she was living in fear…I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. I LIVE IN FEAR 90% of the time. I automatically think the worst… It’s something Kaz and I always talk about…

I worry all the time that I left something plugged in at home, EVEN if I’ve checked it 3 times. I’ll leave for work and start worrying and in my mind I can already picture the house burned down, how I find out, and what we will do from there…
With adventurous stuff, like hiking I LIVE in fear and believe that an animal is going to attack me and Kaz is going to watch the whole thing, and I imagine what he would do without me….
If I call Kaz, and he doesn’t answer and I know he’s driving, I think the worst. I think what if he was in a car accident and something really bad is happening…how will I find out, what will I do, etc?

NOW I know this sounds crazy, BUT I KNOW that YOU have done this also…You may not do it AS MUCH as I do but it’s common for most women. NOW in doing this, I’m not trusting in the Lord’s protection of my life or His plan, AND I MISS OUT ON SOME REALLY GREAT THINGS. See just like with us last night…I KNEW that Miley would be okay. There was nothing that was going to happen to her BUT she DIDN’T see that or believe that. It’s the same with our walk with the Lord...HE HAS THE PERFECT PLAN…HE WATCHES OVER US….AND HE DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES IN OUR LIFE[unlike me trying to push Miley to do something that probably made the situation worse…]
Even though I’m scared of the unknown[or future] because I can’t see what’s in store, it DOESN’T mean the worst…The Lord’s plan is PERFECT, HE IS GOOD, AND HIS PLAN IS GOOD FOR ME….AND FOR YOU!!

I’ve taken a lot from the incident last night and I’ve tried to explain it but maybe I haven’t in the best way….Did you get anything from this story? Any lessons learned or truth shown? Tell me about it….

Here are a few pictures from last night….



carissa said...

i am the exact same way... i usually think the worst and it is just terrible! God's grace is changing us, though! thank goodness. i do still feel responsible for poor miley. i really really hope she will one day like the stroller. : )

Rhonda said...

Awww, poor Miley! I hope she can face her fears eventually. Fear is not of the Lord. I will never forget this acronym I learned from my pastor.


Of course we all face fear now and then, but this saying helps, and I don't want to be crippled by it. Thanks for sharing this great post!

Abby said...

What a precious dog! You are so right about our fears and worry. I actually saw an accident this morning on my way to work and the more I thought on it the more i KNEW it was an old coworker. I called my old work and sure enough it wasn't her in the accident. But I do tend to think the worst...

BTW, we did the same thing! We bought a jogging stroller about 2 summers ago at a garage sale in our neighborhood because it had never been used and was only $50. We have high hopes that I will use it one day... :)