Thursday, February 11, 2010

a ton of other blogs....

So as I mentioned before, last week I attended the Blissdom conference! It was amazing and I learned so much! I got the chance to meet tons of bloggers and I wanted to share a few of their sites with you. These bloggers blog about being a mom, organizing, healthy living, scrapbooking, etc. I couldn’t share the blog for every person I met, so I narrowed it down this way. The first set of blogs are blogger friends who I got the chance to sit with at the conference. The second set of blogs are bloggers who spoke at breakout sessions that I attended. These are some great blogs!
Go check them out!

Blogger friends who I sat with:
Red Bean Dream-
Beach Brights-
Live Fearlesslee-
The Violet Fig-
Lynns Kitchen Adventures-
Completely Organizing Solutions-
The Simple Scrapper-
The Frugal Find-
The Adventures of Motherhood-
Rachel Boldman-
Savor the Thyme-
The Broccoli Cupcake-
The Plus Size Mommy-
Staci Brown-
Oh Amanda-

Featured bloggers who spoke at breakout sessions I attended:
Moma Advice-
Adventures in Babywearing-
The Mommy Blog-
Tip Junkie-
5 minutes for mom-
The Blog Frog-
Today's Mama-
Manic Mommies-
The Inspired Room-
The Simple Mom-
Mom Generations-
A Soutern Fairytale-
Green and Clean Mom-
Beauty and Bedlam-
The Nesting Place-
Redneck Momma-

If you have any blogs you would like to share with me, leave a comment:)


Beth Priest said...

oh my goodness! that is a TON of blogs! I can't decide which ones to visit!

Scribbit said...

That's so nice of you to include a list--I wish I could have met you at the conference!

Rachel said...

I love the list! I am a list lovin' gal ;-)

I hope you enjoyed our panel, we tried to have fun with it and be real!

I hope that you had as much fun at Blissdom as I did and girl.. you sat with some FANTASTIC people!!! Score for you!

Sabrina said...

Thanks for sharing these Amy. Can't wait to check them all out.

I owe you big time for getting me into blogging. What a great group of women to be a part of!!!

Beachbrights said...

Thanks for the shout-out!!

Stay in touch and keep me posted!!!!!!!