Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I slid off the tracks a little….

Do you ever start out on the right track and then slide off the road a little? Well, that’s how I’ve been with my healthy journey….

I did really really good for awhile…and then slowly I got off track. NOW I didn’t crash- just took a small turn…[I haven’t lost anymore weight BUT haven’t gained any either! I’ve continued to lose inches though:)]

Diet Coke: I didn’t have ANY for 2 weeks then I started compromising a little and now I’m back to drinking them a lot more….SO I’m going to try and start again taking it day by day. My thing is I really like the taste….I NEED something besides water to drink…I get bored drinking water ALL day. Do you have any suggestions?
Running: I was up to 7 miles!!! I’ve still continued running but not every day like I was so I’m starting back today! I at least want to run 5 days a week:) It’s just so hard for me to go to the gym after work, so If I don’t go during lunch then it’s easier for to me to justify in the afternoons not to go…

30 day shred: I made it to day 6:( So today I’m also starting back on it! I can do it, I can do it, I can do it! It’s 20 minutes a day…I CAN DO IT!
Eating healthy: I’ve still done really good at this. I’ve watched what I eat but at the same time I haven’t tried to control it so much! If we were out to eat, I got what I wanted and really enjoyed it but didn’t go overboard. I’ve found some really good healthy snacks to eat[cauliflower and fat free ranch dressing, mango delight with celery, etc]. For lunch I’ve been bringing chicken and brown rice, and 2 sweet potato round patties[If you’ve never had these, PLEASE go get them from your grocery store (frozen section)! They are amazing!!!]

AND 1 new sweet that I’m in LOVE with is this: Blue Bunny Aspen Bar! It’s amazing! I’ve been having it as my sweet after dinner and I really look forward to it. I will save all day on sweets just for this!!!
I found this cool and healthy blog…This lady loves green smoothies and drinks…I’m not there yet with the whole green thing[I’ve had bad experiences with green drinks] BUT I’m going to try some of her stuff! My friend Rhonda LOVES green drinks! Kaz and I LOVE juicing and have it every day! I can tell such a difference when I have juice and when I don’t[including my health…We juiced for a solid month and I never had sinus problems…We stopped for 1 week for vacation and I woke up the last 4 days with sinus problems every morning…Once we started back, I haven’t had a problem since…] That’s just one of the benefits I’ve seen!

Where are you on your healthy journey? Do you have any snacks or foods that you love? TELL me about them…I would LOVE to know!



carissa said...

you have to try fuze drinks. most of them are low cal, low sugar but they still manage to taste so good! i want to try those yogurt bars... they sound delish. you can do it!!! you have to finish the shred so you can tell me all about it.

The Pifer's said...

LOVE your blog! I will def. be following, and what a neat idea for Tuesdays (5 thing tuesday)...I will have to join in on the fun! :)

Pam said...

Hey there. I found the Green Smoothie recipe. You'll want to check out the site as well. I think you do a GREAT job at everything you do!!!

Ewww said...

You're doing great & you look awesome! I totally forgot to try the yogurt bar today but I think it may be my breakfast tomorrow morning ;-).

Beth Priest said...

you are doing good. I need to get back on track too cuz we have been sick for like 4 weeks! I can't wait to get back on the tread mill!

Rhonda said...

I so hear you! I was so gung ho about the to day 24 and got sick. I'm still on day 24 and haven't shredded for about 2-3 weeks. I've got to finish and start again! Not gaining and losing inches is AWESOME!

Wow, two weeks without Diet Coke. You can do it. Thanks for the shout are so sweet. I have a link that might help with the water too.

Your doing great!

Abby said...

OK, I realize that this is now my third comment in one day on your blog. But I have to say that each post has touched me! This week I told my running partner that I feel like I've fallen off the "running wagon". We are training for a mini-marathon and for the last two weeks I've run twice. I don't have a gym membership and we have had tons of snow! So I keep rationalizing it. I could go home and do Turbo Jam or Shred, but I rationalize that I need some "down" time. Needless to say, today I'm meeting up with my friend to run 7 miles and I'm more than a bit worried!

A couple years back I got healthy and picked up running and lost over 20 lbs. I eased off the losing weight thing and just maintained for a long time. The last couple months have been hard for me! Between the hormones and meds I'm on for infertility I can't tell if the 7 lbs I've gained is because of that or because I fell off the running wagon. It's a constant battle of the will:) I love your ideas for healthy snacks! I'll have to try them!