Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A country girl at heart....

I’m a country girl….I’m from a town called Patrick, SC. Have you ever heard of it? Probably not…

It’s about 15 miles to the closest town[gas station, grocery store, etc]…although Patrick does have its own Fire department and Post Office….More about Patrick later….SO since I’m from the country, of course I’m crazy about country music! I LOVE It! Well, right now I can’t get enough of these 2 songs….I honestly DON’T know why I like them SO much, BUT it’s gotten SO bad that if I’m talking to Kaz on the phone and 1 of these songs comes on, I will get off the phone with him! Haha!

Jason Aldean
“The Truth”

Zac Brown Band
“Highway 20 ride”



carissa said...

i am really lovin your new background!!! i can't listen to the music now, i have to wait for the other computer... but i think this is the song you were telling us about. - the truth one. i'm excited to hear it. i don't love country music (gasp!) but, i'll listen to it just for you. : )

Rhonda said...

Hey that sounds like where I live. A post office and a little gas station. The closest grocery store is 15-20 minutes away!

I use to listen to country and rock, but I've been hooked on contemporary christian music for so long that is just about all I listen too. At least 95% of the time!