Friday, February 12, 2010

this valentines day.....

I’m a very down to earth person….I don’t like doing BIG things for valentines day….Every year since we’ve been married I’ve wanted to do low key things….BUT let me tell you about our first valentines day…..

Kaz and I had been dating for about 7 months….I knew he was going to propose because Kaz can’t keep a secret[well I can’t either] so he had already spilled the beans and gave me a time frame for when it would happen….Well, of course that wasn’t enough so I kept asking for all these hints….So our first valentines day together he made reservations at a really high class restaurant downtown Charleston.

Kaz came over to my apartment valentines day morning and gave me a letter[Our 7 month anniversary was close to v-day, so we decided to do a joint celebration]. I’m going to tell you tomorrow and Sunday our story BUT let me just mention that Kaz was very very shy. I was his first girlfriend…it took him 4 months to even hold my hand….SO he gave me this letter and this was a part of it:

“Amy, thank you so much for choosing me, caring for me, putting up with me-I know that’s a lot and I can’t tell you how special you are and what you mean to me. Miss[that’s what he calls me] one day we are going to be together forever! Listen, can you hear me? No? Well, I guess I’ll have to tell you what I’m saying…Amy, I LOVE you. That sure makes me smile to say that! I LOVE you!

So that was the first time he told me loved me…in a letter and then when I looked up at him after reading the letter he told me face to face! SO needless to say, I honestly thought he might propose that night at dinner….

We got really dressed up…had a great dinner….and then drove back to my apartment. Once I realized he wasn’t going to propose I got really upset…I don’t know what came over me…I REALLY thought he was going to propose…SO I told him…CAN YOU BELIVE THAT? I told him….I don’t remember a lot but I remember we had this hour long argument and conversation sitting in the car on the side of the road in front of my apartment about my expectations….

So anyway…a beautiful evening turned sour all because I expected him to do something that he didn’t know about….he had given me no reason to believe it would be that night I just thought it would be….SINCE then I like low key valentines day dates…..Our first vday being married we went to Chick-fila[my choice]. This year, all I want is to go to see the movie Valentines Day….We are cooking dinner tonight at home for our vday dinner and I’m so excited about it:)

How about you? What kind of valentine day dates do you like?



Amber said...

So, did he propose when you got back to your apartment? I was mad at my bf the night he proposed!! I wanted the chapstick he had in his pocket but he wouldn't let me get it - the ring was in there!!! ha :)

Beth Priest said...

hahahaha. typical girl =)

carissa said...

i don't blame you amy!!! it's funny because this sounds like the night we got engaged... i was convinced that at dinner kelly would propose, he didn't and then we went back to his house and i thought it definitely wasn't going to happen that day. but, then, it was a huge surprise because he had his whole living room set up like a dance floor and then proposed! i have to hear how kaz finally (i say finally only because it probably felt like that for you since you expected it that night!) proposed!!!

Susan said...

Well, tell us how he did propose! What a great story.

You are such a cute couple.

Happy Valentine's♥