Monday, July 25, 2011

NYC...OH how I LOVE you...

 I'm beginning to think that it's impossible for me NOT to visit NYC at least once a year! Somehow, I have managed to go every year for the last 6 years...I have to keep up the tradition right? :) 
For months, I have been telling Kaz and my parents that the only thing I wanted for my birthday[which is December] is to go to NYC. I guess that's a pretty big thing to ask for, but why not right? It's also our 5th anniversary, so that's been a little excuse also:) 
The original plan was to go in December..I have always wanted to see all the lights for Christmas! So I began looking at hotels and to be honest, I couldn't find one hotel for less than $350 in December. So I started looking at October. Since our anniversary is the weekend of Halloween, and we always go on vacation during that time, I really did not want to be in NYC that weekend. It sounds bad, but I'm a little tired of being in other cities on Halloween. The craziest Halloween was in Hollywood and after that year, I'm kind of over it...So I looked at different weekends in October and found an amazing deal! Well at least I think so:) Drum roll please.....We are staying at the Waldorf Astoria
I'm super excited and can hardly wait! I honestly can't believe the deal we got! 
I am a little bummed that we don't get to see the lights BUT we can do that another time! Kaz[and a lot of other people] don't understand why I like NYC so much! Well, let me give you a little history..

I'm from a really really small town out in the country. Growing up, NYC was the one place[besides Maine] that I always wanted to visit. In college, I got that chance for a whole week! It was a trip I will never forget and had me hooked for life! I remember walking in Time Square at night and being mesmerized...AND that same night I got to see Tony Danza and Will Smith at Planet Hollywood! I was one of the crazies who waited outside for 2 hours just to peak a glance! BUT why not? It was my first trip and added to the excitement! It was that same trip that me and 4 other girls decided to go for a LONG walk in Central Park and during the walk a blizzard came out of nowhere! By the time we got out of the park I had seen more snow than I had in my whole life! The Gates art exhibit[shown below] was going on at the Park during this time so it wasn't very hard for me to find a picture online to show you all the snow NYC got during that time! It still doesn't do it justice though! The day we left the city, I cried because I did not want to leave...and made a commitment right then to visit as often as I could! 
2 years later, Kaz and I got married and made a weekend trip from DC to NYC with Peter and Emily. It was Kaz's first trip BUT the weather was horrible and rained the whole time! We were completely soaked from head to toe, but still a fun trip in my opinion.

 About 6 months later, I was able to go on vacation to NYC with my parents for the first time. I was SO EXCITED for them to see the city AND YET AGAIN a major blizzard started while we were there! 
This was right before the blizzard...As you can tell the wind had already picked up!
And my last 2 trips have been all girl trips:) 
In reality, I keep telling Kaz he hasn't really seen the city! After all, he was only there for a day and the weather was so bad it didn't count! I think October weather will be really nice! Not hot, but not too cold yet! We will be there for 4 days and Annie Rice will stay with my parents...they couldn't be happier! 
The thing that I'm the most excited about is running in Central Park with Kaz! It's fun by myself but will be even funner with him! I'm an NYC fanatic...and that's ok with me:)


Michelle said...

so jealous! i've only been to NYC once and it was just for a day. i can't wait to hear about your trip.

Ashley said...

Congrats on the great deal! I've always wanted to visit NYC but so far haven't made it. Will be looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Danielle said...

Well...since I grew up in NYC...I totally get why you love it...I do too and always will! We took the girls for the first time this year..and it was so cool! I had never really done the tourist things, but enjoyed them so much! And...the Waldorf???? are going to have so much fun!!!