Thursday, September 22, 2011

this and that...

-FIRST, let me start by talking about yesterday’s post....I SHOULD have said this yesterday and after seeing all the comments and emails I’ve received, I figured I needed to put this out there. Although Kaz would sign the documents today if I let him, we are NOT adopting again right now nor am I pregnant! The news is really big and EXCITING and I promise I will share as soon as I CAN!
-Tomorrow is Annie Rice’s court date! We are so excited and have a really big celebration planned with both of our parents tomorrow night! It’s a big day and I even talked Kaz into getting her a new VeggieTales movie as a gift:) 
-We are in the process of putting our house on the market! It has been a great house but we are definitely out growing it! I really love our house. It makes me very sad because I feel like we have done so much work to it and it’s almost exactly how we wanted it, and now we are moving forward with selling it:( I have been working all day cleaning out and organizing! I have cleaned every closet and am exhausted....While going through each room, I also began putting up some of Annie Rice’s clothes. I have to say that I was very sad because I knew she would never wear them again. I even had a little mini meltdown tonight in front of Kaz and told him I just don’t want her to grow up! I’ve got a LONG WAY to go! BUT I will enjoy every minute I can with her! She’s my little heart!


Jemsmom said...

I 100% understand how you feel about her growing up. I feel the exact same way and my baby will be 6. I have really struggled with it this year as she lost her first teeth and started Kindergarten. You have it absolutely right though... enjoy every single minute. You will cherish it. When we are at Walmart and she wants to look at every Barbie in the case, we do. We aren't in a hurry. Why rush her. She enjoys it and it is time spent together. I just go at her pace and I have found that it has made my life and my pace of life so much more enjoyable!

carissa said...

such cuteness! i somehow missed yesterdays big news coming announcement. well now i'm all antsy to know!
i do have an idea though. : )

Nana Time said...

Your Mom told me this am at the View that big news was coming but not what it is .... good thing huh!

When you were growing up I used to say I wanted to be Amy Talbert when I grew up (because you were so loved) now I think I want to be Annie Rice :)