Wednesday, September 07, 2011

labor day...

We are back from our 5th annual labor day trip with the Newman's and Burns to Lake Lure, NC! We had a blast but I have been exhausted the last few days! Every year gets crazier and crazier! This year we had 3 toddlers and 1 newborn, so as you can expect it was a little hectic. Our favorite time of day was 1pm when all the kiddos went down for naps and we could sit back and prop our feet up for a few hours of quietness!
The house was absolutely amazing! It was 3 stories so we each had our own level. 
We had a great time together and the kids loved playing with each other! It's such a special trip because we have all been friends for so long. I hope that we are still going on this annual labor day trip in 20 more years! 
One thing is for sure, we don't ever go hungry! I'm actually quiet embarrassed to say this BUT the ADULTS went through 2 rolls of family size cookie dough and 1 tub of cookie dough within 2 days! We calculated just the tub alone and it was 213g of fat and 4880 calories! That was just some of the dessert we had! Needless to say, we all committed to going on diets once we got home!
My favorite night was our last night there. We played Smart A and Cranium. It was a BLAST! We literally were crying we were laughing so hard! Our group picture this year was a little different...It shows you what our weekend was all about....being together, comfy clothes, crazy kids, and trying to take the picture ourselves because we didn't all venture out the house together. I LOVE IT!
Below are a few pictures from our trip!


Ashley said...

Looks like a fun time~ love all the pictures!

Brittany said...

Love all of the pictures!! She is such a doll! If you don't mind me asking, is Annie Rice adjusting well? She always seems so happy, which is wonderful. I just am wondering how she took to you. My family adopted my sister at 8 month and she did fairly well from what I remember (I was 10). If this is too personal, I understand. Just wondering! God bless!

Stacy said...

Such a small world! I stumbled across your blog right as God blessed you with Annie Rice- and have been following ever since! I'm so excited for you!

Then I saw that you went on this trip with the Burns-- I knew the name, but wasn't sure that was who I knew- til I saw Dawn! Dawn and my cousin were/are great friends! How neat is that!

You have such a little angel! I love your pictures and reading about how God is blessing your family! Continuing to pray for you all!

Linda said...

That looked like a FUN get away with your friends. All of the little ones are so cute! I love seeing you with Annie look soooo happy! And I am so happy for your family of three. She is a doll!

These were such fun pictures.

Traci said...

is that the apple festival in hendersonville i see? my mom lives right down the road! glad ya'll had a great time!

Anne said...

I am trying to figure out how ashlyn's dress disappeared from the first group picture to the next one? and why both of my children have no clothes on in the last group shot. hahahah :) fun weekend!