Monday, August 15, 2011

i'm obsessed....

I'm quite obsessed with a few things....where oh where to begin...

My favorite thing, first thing in the morning is with a jogging stroller:) This is my favorite time of the day for myself...When Annie Rice gets up, I change her diaper and clothes and we go straight to the jogging stroller. She loves going for a run also:) It's such a freeing time for me. I wish words could describe how I feel when I start our running! Freeing would be the best....and then half way through I'm thinking, why oh why do I run? HaHa!
Mini Moon Pies...They have replaced my 100 calorie packs. I love putting them in the microwave for 20 seconds! As Annie Rice would say, Yum Yum...or sometimes Num Num! 
Little girls pjs! I just can't help but buy them! I love all kinds. I mean seriously, aren't they the cutest thing!

Groupon and Living Social....I look at the deals everyday in several different cities! I have been especially looking at the New York deals for our upcoming trip! I look for myself and gifts! Great, great websites!

Going to the movies....Just the thought gets me excited! I love going with people or by myself! 

Chapstick...not just any kind...Burt's Bees. I always have to have chapstick. It's a must and I feel like a crazy person when I can't find any!

Fall and Christmas clothes for Annie Rice! Kaz just needs to go ahead and build another closet for her! HaHa! I bought this onesie the other day. It's perfect because she calls me mum instead of mom. I LOVE it! I want her to always call me mum...She's my little british girl:)

I asked Kaz if he could think of any other things I'm obsessed with it...His response, "my phone". I guess he's right on that one:)


Lmac said...

OMG! it has been forever since I have looked at your blog! Congratulations on your little girl I am so happy for you and your family. Seriously I am beaming!!!!!!!

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

Sounds like some GREAT things to be obsessed with... Although I think you forgot one.... The little girl you buy all those pjs for ;) She is so precious!