Monday, August 29, 2011

so special...

Kaz's cousin wrote this beautiful poem about Kaz's mom Anne, and Annie Rice. I have cried every time I read it. It's so special.

How you came to be with us
Is no mystery at all
For the day before you graced this earth
A new angel came to call

Her stride was full of grace
She stood so tall and sure
Yet humble in His presence

She joined the heavenly chorus
Her voice so strong and clear
Unmistakable the sound...
Of angels triumphant tears.

She praised God for his glory
For all those she holds dear
For this incredible journey that is this life
No matter the pain or fear

She thanked Him for the hard times
For the precious moments so sweet
For all that she learned here
Especially for Cy, Kaz, and Pete.

It was the middle of this celebration
That to the heavenly nursery she went
Praising God and thanking Him
As His ear she bent

"there is a special couple
Waiting down below
Hearts full of love
For a baby they've yet to know

I see little Annie there
And I know she needs them too
Tomorrow is her birthday
They will love her through and through"

God smiled and took her hand
And said , "I've heard their prayers,
Now come with me, the time has come,
Please wait in this rocking chair."

For moments or hours
It's really hard to say
But your grandmother rocked you
On your very special day.

How you came to be with us is no mystery at all.
For the day before you graced this earth,
A new angel came to call.
By: Anna Crowley Redding


Ashley said...

So sweet!

The Pilston's said...

Gives me chills. God is so good!

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So beautiful, Amy!

Hilary Lane said...

Aww, that made me cry too. So sweet!

Amanda said...

So beautiful and special!!

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Absolutely beautiful!

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Wow.So beautiful!