Wednesday, August 03, 2011

life, and all that goes with it....

Being a mom has changed my life in so many ways! One way, that I must admit I think my husband really enjoys, is me cooking more. I'm not sure why that changed once we got Annie Rice, because she doesn't eat anything that I cook[she's still on her yogurt, cheerios, puffs, and cinnamon bread kick], but I have had the urge to cook almost every afternoon! On days that I didn't plan too, I find myself still wanting to cook. For those of you who really know me, you know THIS ISN'T normal for me! I enjoy cooking but I'm a very simple person so I could eat the same thing everyday for months...and in the past I have usually done just that, while Kaz fixed something for himself. He's never complained NOT ONCE...and don't get me wrong, I don't make him fend for himself everyday, but some days he does. Once photography took off and I was working 2 jobs, our routines changed...I didn't have time to cook... BUT I look forward to cooking again, and now have the time:) I'm planning to share one of our favorite family recipes next Tuesday, and would love for you to share yours as well! It can be anything from breakfast, dessert, dinner, etc! I'll post mine next week and have a link for yours, SO YOU HAVE PLENTY of time:) AND it's a great way to get some new ideas for your family!!!

Have I mentioned that I'm a very simple person? Clothes and shoes excite me, BUT I usually end up wearing the same thing all the time! If I find a shirt I like, I buy it in every color! I buy shoes but wear the same ones all the time...Summer=Rainbows, Winter=Sperry's. It doesn't matter how many pairs of shoes I have, I always go back to those! I've been telling Kaz for some time now that I REALLY WANT to get a pair of TOMS shoes for winter instead of buying a new pair of sperry's[mine are getting pretty bad]. I've been looking at them online and I've decided that I MUST have every color! Well, that's what  I want, but in reality that won't happen! BUT for now, I'll take all of these:) Kaz, I know you will read this...hint hint;)

My little Annie is doing so good! She has improved SO MUCH! I couldn't be prouder of her and how far she has come just in the last month! 
When we got her, she couldn't hold her own bottle, crawl, use a sippy cup..she would cry every time I put her on her stomach. She is not only holding her own bottle, but does it with 1 hand! She is army crawling everywhere, sitting up on her own, drinks usually 8oz of juice out of a sippy cup a day, and loves being on her stomach. She has learned something new every week! She shakes her head every time I walk in the nursery because she thinks I'm going to put her down for a nap. Recently, when I've went to put her down she just kisses my lips over and over. I guess she's learning early to bribe her way out of something she doesn't want to do! It melts my heart:) She loves watching Veggie Tales, reading a book before bedtime and playing with this new toy!
It keeps her attention for usually 2-3 hours at a time...She even falls asleep with it!

 She's such a joy and blessing to our family, and I honestly can't remember life without her. It seems like we've had her forever! She's so happy all the time, and I truly am so thankful! 
[please excuse the quality of these pictures..they were taken with my phone:)]


GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

First of all.... only a photographer would apologize for the quality of her pictures that are on her blog :) I love it!

Annie Rice is sooooo precious. I love that she kisses you over and over trying to get out of nap :) I can't believe how far she has come!

Ashley said...

I love your new header pictures! I'm curious about Annie Rice's story before she came into your life...are you going to tell any of it? (I totally understand if you decide to leave it private.) Can't wait to hear your recipe!

Anne said...

I started laughing thinking about you having a pair of those shoes in every color that they make :)

Jonathan and Rachel said...

My TOMS are my favorite shoes I've ever owned!..they are so comfortable that I sometimes wear them around the house as slippers in the winter...tell Kaz it is an investment worth making:)

Sarah said...

She is a doll! (have I said that yet?) :-)

J said...

Reading your posts make me feel like I'm talking out loud! You and I have been so blessed and I love seeing the pure joy written all over your blog post!!

LOVE your taste in shoes!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new guys are such a beautiful family!

Rebekah said...

Your pictures are adorable. She is precious!

I love my toms. I just got my first pair at the beginning of summer, and then just got my second a few weeks ago. I LOVE them! I have a teal pair, and then I went for the mustard yellow cords, but they ended up looking a little more like grasshopper green! :) but still love them. I think you should go for it.