Thursday, January 06, 2011

a GRAND VEGAS vacation....

Kaz and I have been talking the last few weeks about our vacation for 2011. It’s no secret that we LOVE to travel. We have a lot of little trips planned throughout the year but we’ve been talking about “our bigger trip”. We would LOVE to be able to take a vacation before a baby comes, it’s Kaz’s 30th birthday this year, and our 5 year anniversary. So 2011 has the potential[and looks like it will] to be a very big year!
We threw some ideas back and forth about different places in California[our favorite state:)] but all the places we wanted to go early on was in their snowy season. We are movers...We love to be on the go all the time on vacation to see as much as we can.

Kaz has always wanted to base a vacation around a race, so that’s what we’ve decided to do!
We are going to do the Red Rock Canyon Half Marathon the beginning of March in Las Vegas! This half is probably going to kill me! The first 6 miles are up hill not to mention the change in elevation:( BUT I think it will be so much fun and definitely a beautiful run!

Red Rock Canyon
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We are going to stay in Vegas 2 nights, then go to the Grand Canyon and stay there, and then make our way back to Vegas for the last night! While we are there we are hoping to see Death Valley, Mount Charleston and hopefully the Hoover Dam! 

 Death Valley

Mount Charleston

I’m SOOO excited!!! I can’t wait!
In Vegas we are staying at 2 different hotels...Trump Las Vegas for 2 nights and the Hard Rock Hotel the last night! I’m super pumped about Trump. There is a tv in the bathroom mirror:)

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We have never been to Vegas or that area so we are both really excited! It’s definitely more of an outdoors trip which makes Kaz extremely happy! BUT NO WORRIES...I will STILL have my celebrity goggles ON! Ha!
Any other ideas on things we should do?
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Jennifer said...

What an awesome vacation! I love that area! If you get the chance you should really see the O show at the Bellagio. It's been quite a few years since I saw it, but I'm sure it's just as fantastic as ever and it would be a nice change of pace from your outdoors activities.

Angie said...

Have FUN!! That looks so amazing :-)

Rebekah said...

We use Vegas all the time for the airport. In fact, we're headed there tomorrow afternoon to pick up my sister and her hubby and little one. Good for you, for making it an "outdoorsy" trip and getting away from the strip some. I'm sure you'll enjoy staying in the Trump - we were just there last week, but just drove up to the front doors because the shuttle we were on was letting someone else off. Looks nice! Good thing the race is in the beginning of March; otherwise you'd die from heat exhaustion any later. :)