Thursday, February 03, 2011

fun times and good friends...

Recently, I was able to get away for a few days for some family & girl time! Me, my mom, and dad spent pretty much the whole day shopping in Columbia! [My dad had so much fun:)] We drug him from store to store! We also were able to see Mr. Billy again...He is so sweet! He said, "So I heard Leroy died...Did you cry?" I said, "Yes, I did a little bit." He said," Well, thats what any person should do. It's only right. Now you can just remember all the memories you had with him." He's a sweetie! While we were there, his wife, Mrs. Sarah came! I LOVE spending time with the Browns....

The next day, I went to spend a few days with Liz and Todd. I've been promising Liz I would come stay with her JUST BECAUSE! I always tend to stay when I have photoshoots in Columbia, so this time was just because...We had a BLAST! We honestly did, well really nothing! We played Tetris on the Wii for literally hours! I'm a very competitive once I saw Liz was better than me, the game was on! We stayed up talking until after mid-night and then could hardly function the next morning! 
We also booked 30 minute massages/30 minute facials at Tonic Day Spa in Columbia that we bought through Groupon. It was SO RELAXING! 
We had such a fun time together as always!

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