Monday, February 21, 2011

headless horseman and Boone hall....

This past Saturday, I had a wedding at Boone Hall Plantation. Boone Hall is my ALL TIME, MOST FAVORITE PLACE in Charleston. I absolutely LOVE it. I go there as often as I can to take pictures...BUT being there all day, and photographing a wedding was honestly one of the best ways to spend a Saturday, not to mention the weather was gorgeous! 

I LOVE Boone Hall for so many reasons: the long dirt road with huge oak trees leading down the drive to the gorgeous house, the cotton dock on the marsh, the feel of the old time plantation, etc. You will never have to persuade me to go to Boone Hall...if the words are mentioned, I'm there. 
Boone Hall was also where parts of the Notebook were filmed. As I tried looking for a specific scene from the movie to show you more of the plantation, I stumbled across this video...I thought it was really neat. A husband and wife did a video about their vacation where they went to all the places in Charleston that the notebook was filmed. What a fun little adventure! Looks like something I would do...:)

The wedding ended around 1030 Saturday night....I had a bit of a long walk back to my car down the old dirt road...THANKFULLY, my 2nd photographer Buddy was with me. I've never seen Boone Hall in this way, and to be honest I don't know that I ever want to see it again this way..[although, I should have taken a picture]. The place was COMPLETELY DARK, except for 1 tiny little light, shinning up on the house. It was something straight out of a haunted ghost movie! I felt like at any moment I would see the headless horseman coming down that dirt road....:) 
Buddy's no help...He, of course, tried to scare me BUT I tried to keep my calm. I don't like the dark ONE BIT. I will sleep with as many lights on at night as Kaz will let me:)
Even though it was creepy, I still enjoyed seeing Boone Hall at night. It's an incredible place and I really want to take my parents to visit next time they are here. It's gorgeous! SO, if you've never been, you should DEFINITELY GO! AND you should watch the's a classic:) 


Jemsmom said...

Boone Hall does have the most amazing drive with the oaks! Perfect picture place! I would love to go there at night! I think it would be creepy, but so cool! My favorite is Middleton Place! If you ever want to go shoot some pictures, let me know! We are members there and I can get you in free! We could have a blog meeting!

Morgan said...

yes yes yes! this just made me so excited for my wedding at BH!!!