Wednesday, February 23, 2011

miley is a mess....

Where to even begin...Miley is a MESS! She makes me laugh at least 3 times a day. She has the personality of a person..She loves for you to play with her, and at times tries to get you too. If I'm not paying her any attention, she will go find a sock, my underwear, or whatever she can find that she knows she's NOT supposed to have...Once she gets it, she will walk right by me with her head down BUT her tail wagging....She knows what she's doing! She hates to get in trouble! If I pop her on the butt for something, she has to come get me to try to rub her OR even jump in my lap. She can't stand getting fussed at!
She loves laying under my office desk while I work....If you mention the word goldfish, she knows she's getting a treat[even if it's not goldfish.] That's her word for treats. If you say the word WALK, she's at the door. She loves going in her kennel at night and sometimes will even go before we are ready for bed. She sleeps ALL the time! 
My favorite thing to see her do is play with her bone. If I try to grab it, she PLAYFULLY growls. She loves playing this game...What makes me laugh though, is the closer I pull her to me the louder the growl gets. She sounds like a car parked and someone is pressing the gas. Kaz took this video last night[it's only 40 seconds]. 

she jumped out of my arms...
 yawning...always sleepy!

 I let her lick the top of the bbq sauce bottle before I threw it out! She LOVED it! Yes, it was AFTER I USED IT! :)
she made a mess in her kennel and tore up her pillow! She's NOT getting a new one!

 After she got in trouble yesterday, she jumped in my lap! The Mac camera caught this:)
She's getting ready to spend a few weeks at my parents house while we go on vacation. I sometimes think she likes my dad more than us! She is my company throughout most days, since I'm at home AND I love it! 


Ashley said...

My dog Gracie does the same thing in her kennel! We started putting fleece blankets down and they are comepletely tore up, but she loves them all tore up, because she won't let us throw them out, she steals them back and takes them to her kennel! We won't even put a dog bed in hers, but yet she loves sleep on dog beds when she is not in her kennel, the urge to destroy must only be in her kennel!! All of our animals are heading to the inlaws farm next week while M and I are away!! Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable. She reminds me of my family's dog. He is a chocolate lab also. If you take off his collar he freaks out until you put it back on. He's a little neurotic!