Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a FEW of my favorite things...

1. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this but yes, it’s true. I’m have bieber fever. I haven’t up until this past Sunday night…I was watching the VMA’s. I really only like 1 song and of all songs it’s the one he sang! I felt like a 13 year old girl watching in amusement. After that, I couldn’t get it out of my head so I downloaded the song to my iphone and have kept it on repeat all day while I work. Oh boy!

Here’s what got me hooked-You HAVE to watch it:

2. Who’s the Boss? I LOVE this show. I used to watch it growing up and now that it comes on everyday for like 4 hours I can’t help but watch as much as I can. Kaz thinks I’m crazy!
I actually saw Tony Danza before on my first trip to NYC! I waited in line outside of Planet Hollywood for 2 hours just to see what celebrity was inside.

3. I’m still hooked on these ice cream bars-Blue Bunny Strawberry Aspen Bars. I have one EVERY morning for breakfast! I don’t know what a normal breakfast is anymore. If you haven’t tried these, please go get a box! They are amazing!
4. Cotton Fields…They are gorgeous aren’t they? That was one of my favorite things about growing up in the country. I’ve decided that me, Kaz, and maybe Miley? are going to take some family pictures in a cotton field mid October! I can’t wait:)

5. Ralph Lauren Oxford Polo’s[for men and women]…Well really, these have always been my favorite shirts. I have one in every color and I wear them all winter with Sperry’s. Kaz has never really cared for them on him, BUT drum roll please….I got him hooked! We bought 2 this weekend for him and I couldn’t be more excited! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shirts!

What are some of your favorite things?


Jennifer said...

How funny, I was just telling my husband the other night how much I loved "Who's the Boss".

Jemsmom said...

This is great! I, myself, am a Wings (old t.v. show not hockey!) fan. The hubby even took me to Nantucket!

I like the Bieber song, but I was disappointed. I thought the lip syncing was a bit overdone. He did do a great job, but I would have liked to hear him sing!

I love the Sweet and Salty bars. Yummo!!!!

Us4 Cats said...

oh i love those cotton fields, beautiful.

as of recent i am hooked on the show 'teen moms' . < sigh > a 39 yr old woman engrossed with this show. lol!

traditionally, i like Hobby Lobby stuff, Everybody loves Raymond, wildflowers, old school chuck shoes, thunderstorms, inspiration and shows from the 70's-little house on prairie, twilight zone.

fields that go on forever. old people holding hands. porch swings. stars. the moon.

and of course, a good ole drumstick icecream now and then or a fudge bar.

Us4 Cats said...

i came back to view your video ( i stopped by the other day and commented) and wanted to give your a headsup it is saying no video is no longer available. may want to link to another one?

and in my recent post i meant to write Hollie Hobby stuff not Hobby Lobby. hahahah! how funny, they sound too much alike.

Seizing My Day said...

I loved whose the boss!! ;) and those cotton fields are SO beautiful! I have not seen those since I was 7!! ;)