Thursday, September 23, 2010

easy photo craft....

So I made this easy craft for the nursery. It cost less than $10 and I really like it!

Kaz made 3 rounds circle for me out of wood. He sanded them to make them smooth. I painted them orange [a color that we already had in our extra paint section in the garage].

I bought 3 photo magnets from Wal-Mart, and 2 different types of ribbon.

I stapled 2 pieces of ribbon to the back of the wood, tied them in a bow, and then glued the photo magnets to the front with Titebond Wood Glue.

I also put Fray Check on the ends of the ribbon. I let them dry and now they are ready to be hung in the nursery!

It was so simple! You could do this same project for any room and use any shape!

I PROMISE…PROMISE…PROMISE…that tomorrow you will see the unveiling of the nursery:) We are missing the bumper and the mattress but everything else is ready! I will take pictures tonight and post tomorrow so be sure to check back!


maNda said...

loooove this!!

Hilary said...

So cute! I love the idea of orange in a nursery. We painted our guest room Clemson orange & I told my husband that if we ever make that room into a nursery, it's going to stay orange!

Can't wait to see the nursery unveil!

Us4 Cats said...

i love it!! orange is one of our fav colors :)

great crafy idea. will have to remember this one.

looking forward to bursery pics!!!

come by and visit our blog sometime as we have a new template with an actual comment section now, lol!!!!

Us4 Cats said...

i have GOT to start spellchecking my comments! sorry bout the above mumbled words. obviuously it meant to read, nursery pics. not bursery , LOL!

Dawn said...

Very cute! :) Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. M said...

Love the project!!!

Susan said...

They turned out really cute.