Friday, September 10, 2010

something about fall....

I ABSOLUTELY, LOVE FALL! It’s my favorite time of year....I decorate more for it than I do christmas. I LOVE it! Normally, I wait until the beginning of October to pull all my fall decor out, BUT I’ve decided to do it a little early this year....Really for 2 reasons, 1 this is my only free weekend without any weddings until November and 2 I’m just ready!
One of my favorite things to decorate with is candles...NOT just any candles these wonderful, amazing candles from Bath & Body works! Pumpkin Patch....AWWWW:)
Me being the planner I am, I decided that Bath & Body works may not carry this scent this year, so last year I stocked up just in case! Can you tell I love these candles! I have the feeling I will do the same this year too!

I’m also super excited about these 2 beautiful paintings that I just bought! [Natalie at Nat Kat Designs]
I can’t wait to put them in my house:)

Tomorrow is my house day. I haven’t had one of these in a LONG time, but I’m going to get my house in order and decorate a little! By tomorrow night I will probably have lit every candle in the house and have a bag of candy corn in my hand! HaHa!

What are your favorite ways to decorate fall?


Jamie said...

I just bought a few fall-y candles from B&BW and I love them :) Now you have me craving candy corn!

Hilary said...

I haven't seen that scent before - I'll have to check it out! I'm still holding out on the fall decorating, but we have an appraiser coming in soon to look at the house. That can be my excuse to decorate!

Us4 Cats said...

aha! a fellow candle lover!

can i take a moment to tell you that I make heavily scented candle Tarts. it is our fundraiser. AND one of the scents i am making right now is Pumpkin! and it is strong and last a long time. three to a bag ALL Ethiopian colors.

check us out . link to HomeTarts with our adoption blog.

I love Fall too! and all the warm scents!