Friday, August 03, 2012

my week in pictures...

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Lately, my hair has looked better after sweaty runs than fresh out the shower. These are 2 different days of how my hair looked after a long run. 
This box of pumpkin bread has been in out pantry for 2 years. The expiration date wasn’t until the end of this year and I kept telling Kaz we could make it for Thanksgiving. BUT after being on pinterest for the last few weeks, I have had a craving for pumpkin bread so I decided to make it this week! Unfortunately, it was gone within 2 days. 
Annie Rice goes to bed at 730 and usually after dinner, we only have about 45 more minutes with her before she goes nite nite. So we try to make the most of it. I love nights where she wants to color:) Who doesn’t like to color. We had a special task of coloring Kaz a picture because he’s gone hiking for a couple of days with the guys. He’s only been gone a night and we are ready for him to back home. Thankfully, my parents came to spend the weekend with us.
I LOVE smoothies. This one is a new recipe for me. It’s Lauren Conrad’s. Raspberries, coconut water, bananas, oats, and yogurt:)
Meet my sweet friend Carissa. I love spending time with her and lately, I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with her because she’s been helping me with weddings:) We decided to have a “non-wedding” date and walk the bridge this week! My face looks so overly big in this picture! 
We had a swimming play date this week with some of the sunday school girls. Before swimming, Annie Rice wanted to wear this cowboy hat and ride this horse the whole time! She loves swimming and playing in the pool. After we decided to have lunch at Chick-fil-A because it was Chick-fil-A appreciaten day. We seriously deserve some sort of medal for what we did! Not only did we have to park almost half a mile away, walk through the mud carrying a 25 pound little girl, wait in line for 45 minutes before ordering with 5 kids who all needed naps, and then finally sitting down to eat as the kids were completely done with the whole thing and just wanted to go home! I honestly felt like a crazy woman after...LITERALLY!

Annie Rice loves her stuffed “animals” She sleeps with Goofy, 3 minnie mouses, 2 bears, Elmo, Laura carrot and Bob. She knows if one of them aren’t in her bed at night. When she wakes up in the mornings or from a nap, she gives them all kisses and lays them on the pillow, sings them a song, and covers them up with blankets for them to go nite nite. Her bed is definitely overflowing with animals BUT she loves them all. She’s constantly talking about her “animals”. 
I’m going to NYC next weekend on a girls trip:) Yesterday, I went to the mall to try and do a little shopping before I go. Annie Rice is the best shopping partner I’ve ever had. Everything I tried on wether it looked good or not, she would say “Oh so pretty Mommy” or “Mommy’s a princess”. She sure did make me feel good because nothing I tried on in reality looked good, but in her eyes it was beautiful! 
We had a mommy/daughter dinner date at Moe’s after we dropped Kaz off for his camping trip. My little girl WILL FINALLY eat a cheese quesadilla! Her and cheese did not mix for the longest time. If she even saw cheese she wouldn’t eat it. In order to get her to eat goldfish, I had to buy the multi-colored ones...She’s a picky eater that little Annie Rice!

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Good to catch up with what you, Kaz and Annie RIce are up to!