Wednesday, August 08, 2012

life, happy hearts, and NYC....

This video gets to my heart every time:) I love to hear my sweet little girl say "happy heart" and "love GOD".
My lovely came back from his camping trip a day early...No complaint from me or the other wives:)
 I absolutely LOVE my job:) I get to be apart of so many special moments for people. This was taken of me by my sweet friend Carissa[who's birthday is tomorrow-Happy birthday friend!]in action at my last wedding...
 I got asked to do a wedding of a lifetime! IN ST. KITTS!!! WoooHooo! Is it March yet?
our gear...
 I found this dessert on pinterest and had to try it. Only 110 calorie cupcake. Funfetti cake mix + spirt zero + cool whip + vanilla pudding on top=delicious and low calorie:)
 Annie Rice got a card in the mail from Goofy, Dickey Mouse, Minnie, and Duck. She carried it around for a good 20 minutes and would just sit and stare at it. She was so excited when I told her she got a card from Goofy. 
 Meet Annie Rice's bff Brynn. She loves Brynn and talks about her all the time!
 I "tried" a braid with a ponytail..since that's a popular hair style that I absolutely love...I'm still trying to decide on the verdict of if I like it on me..
 I love smoothes BUT they are so much better with a little old fashioned rolled oats in them:) YUM!
 She's got a sweet face and lately she's been trying to act mad and fold her arms...That gentle spirit still shines through even though she's pretending to be mad:)
 AND Last but not least, I'm heading to NYC tomorrow with these ladies[Dawn, Anne, and Ashley]..I'm SO EXCITED! These are my 2 dresses for night. Surprise, surprise they are both orange:) After all that's my favorite color! So excited for this trip:) Lots of pictures next week or if you follow me on instagram, I'm sure there will be lots to tell:)


Jemsmom said...

That video is precious! She is getting so big and her voice is so sweet!

Julie Rogers said...

Those cupcakes look delish---and LOW calorie, I must try! Just found you, looking forward to reading more:)


carissa at lowercase letters said...

you are so sweet for the birthday love. annie rice's voice is the cutest ever! so curious to try those cupcakes!!