Friday, August 17, 2012

a love book for him...

Lately, I have been cleaning out and trying to organize things that have never been organized before. The one thing that always got me, and I really never knew what to do with was all the notes/cards from Kaz and my parents[see Mom and Dad, I didn't only read them, I kept them:)]. I've always kept them in a REALLY large folder but it has always driven me crazy because it was chaotic and in order to find something, I had to go through every letter or card. My friend Carissa swears by SMASH books, so I decided to give it a try and make a love book of all of our notes/letters so that we will always have it, be able to look at it whenever we want, and hopefully one day allow our kids to see how our relationship struggled and grew over the years. I worked on this book for about 5-6 hours and gave it to Kaz yesterday...He loved it. He loved it so much he woke me up this morning at 5am to tell me he read some of the letters this morning[I was pretty grumpy..I'm not a morning person:)]. I love how it turned out and it really was so neat to go back and read through all the notes we gave to each other...I even found the letter Kaz first told me loved me in:) I included some other things in the book as well such as honeymoon plane tickets, a program from when we visited President Ford when he passed away, college football tickets, etc. The best part is we can keep adding to it...pretty soon, we will need to start a new book! 
I am now a fan of SMASH books and have BIG plans to use them for some other projects.

 his first I love you:)

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carissa said...

Love it! Annie Rice will adore this one day. Yet another reason for another Smash book... :) I'm obsessed!