Monday, August 27, 2012

last week in pictures...

Last week was definitely a week! I'm thankful for a new Monday and a new week! Here's a few pictures from last week...

Annie Rice at gymnastics! She loves it and has really gotten so much stronger every week.
Last weekend, we had a friends birthday party. While we were there, Annie Rice went poo poo on the potty. Normally, I give her a sucker but I didn't have any with me, so I promised her she would get a BIG sucker when we got home. My parents brought this back to her from there cruise in July, and I've been waiting for the perfect time to give it to her. She LOVED it and if we asked her what she had, she kept saying BIG sucker mommy. There were a few tears when we took it away because it was right before dinner time, but she enjoyed it for a good solid hour. 

 She got this scratch during church..We aren't quite sure how, but she kept telling us face hurt mommy ball. It's almost completely healed but she still tells me what happened to her face:)

 This was at gymnastics again on Tuesday. She goes twice a week. Sweet girl is so funny. In therapy, we have been working on her walking with one foot in front of the other like she's on a balance beam. She's not there yet without us holding her hand, but since we started working on this about 3 months ago, we would ask her to count or say her ABCs while she walked on the line. Now, every time she walks the balance beam she counts or does her ABCs. She associates the 2. It's so funny. All the mom's ask me how I got her to do that:)
 Annie Rice asks to wear a bow in her hair everyday. I love it! This particular day she asked for the biggest bow she could find:)
 I love INSTAGRAM! I love it even more now that I can print my pictures and they look this cool from printstagram! I've been making some projects with the pictures that I printed out...can't wait to share those:)

 It's been awhile since I've posted any pictures of Miley...BUT this picture was her guilty look! Annie Rice was coloring a picture for Kaz while I was getting ready. Miley is a very picky eater as far as when she will eat. We have to tell her "OK" about 10 times before she thinks it's really okay for her to eat. I knew she still had food in her kennel so while I was getting ready in the bathroom, I heard her chomping down. I assumed it was just the food...a few minutes later I found little pieces of orange and red crayon all over the floor along with Annie Rice just looking at her coloring page. Yep, Miley ate 2 crayons! 

 After the week I had last week, this was my favorite part of the day on Thursday. When I put Annie Rice down for a nap, I curled up in my blanket and watched the hills for 3 hours:)
 This past weekend we went to my parents house. I had a wedding Saturday. The wedding was in Florence, which is about 45 minutes from my parents house. My sweet husband stayed in Florence until I got out of the wedding so I wouldn't have to drive back late on back roads to my parents house. This is what time we got home. Yesterday, when we got back to Summerville, all 3 of us took 4 hours naps:)
 Annie Rice does really good while we drive. We haven't had a dvd player in the car since last October and normally she finds ways to entertain herself or will play with the few toys we have in the car. I cleaned out the car the other day and forgot to put any of her toys back in the car except for 1. Yesterday coming back, I decided to give her this paint sample book I had gotten from Lowes[for free] to see what she thought of it. Much to our surprise, she played with it for 2.5 hours on the drive back! We couldn't believe it. When I finally took it away, she cried. It's amazing what will keep her attention!

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