Thursday, August 16, 2012

girls trip to NYC...

NOTE: All of these pictures were taken with our phones, so the quality is not the best:) Our excuse for not using a real camera was we couldn't "instagram" the pictures right away! HaHa

Our trip to NYC was fabulous! It’s no secret NYC is my favorite place to go. Somehow I’ve managed to go at least once a year for the last 8 years:) It never gets old to me...I think I could go every month for the rest of my life and never see everything in the city. It’s such a wonderful place! 
This girls trip was a pretty quickly planned trip:)Every year we go on a labor day trip with friends from college. This year, on a Friday a text was sent suggesting a girls trip/guys trip. I wrote my friend Dawn and said what if we did NYC. Literally, we had the trip booked within 3 days after that text went out:) 
We really had such a good time! It was amazing we actually made it to the city when we did. Supposedly NYC was having really bad storms and they had canceled pretty much every flight going out of the city the day of our flight and night before we left for NYC. We were one of the last flights to make it in:) 
When we arrived, we checked in at the Waldorf Astoria and made our way to SoHo to eat at Lombardi’s for pizza:) It started pouring as we were eating, but we were determined it would not ruin our fun. We then shopped in SoHo for a couple of hours. If you’ve read my blog enough, you know that I love TV and I love seeing celebrities. As we were walking down one of the streets, I spotted filming equipment trucks. I told the girls that something was going on, so while they were in a shop I decided to be a little nosy and walk around the block. Sure enough, they were filming Blue Bloods[only one of mine and Kaz’s favorite shows:)]. So I stayed around to watch while the girls shopped in nearby shops. I never saw a main character and later found out none of the big characters were in that scene, so I was disappointed I didn’t see anyone because I would have LOVED to see Tom Sellek, BUT I loved watching and being apart of the action:)
That night, we had dinner at Balthazar and then grabbed A LOT of dessert after at Little Cupcake ...$36 worth of cupcakes and cake:) We headed back to the hotel for an early night, ate our hearts out, and watched a girly movie:)

Our first purchase was these glitter pens that smelled like fruit:) How old are we? I've already been using mine:)
Blue bloods filming...
our view from our room...

Saturday morning, we went for a long walk in Central Park, had brunch at Bubby’s, and walked around 5th ave and the fashion district. We went into Henri Bendel’s and all got our makeup done...Let me start by saying, every time I’ve had my make up done, it NEVER looks good. EVER! BUT I felt very confident in the guy doing my makeup, because he did all the other’s girls first, and they all looked SO GOOD! I could have cried when I saw myself in the mirror. I looked like I stuck my head in a chimney. My eyes were as dark as soot! I think I’m giving up on someone else doing my makeup...I wore my sunglasses until I got back to the hotel and couldn’t get the eye makeup off fast enough. 
For dinner, we went to STK. It was FABULOUS! I will take Kaz back there for dinner on our next trip there. After dinner, we hung out on the rooftop of the Roosevelt Hotel and walked around in Time Square a bit. That was my favorite night...Lots of laughs;)

see how black my eyes are....

Sunday morning...Well, Sunday was a bit hectic of a day. As we were leaving the hotel, there was something very interesting going on outside of our hotel. We honestly thought a politician was in our hotel, so we decided to stand in the crowd gathered outside to watch. We then proceeded to follow the parade of cops down the street to see what was going on, later to realize NYC was having a “Dominican parade” later that day. The things we will do to see someone famous:) We went to Macy’s, lunch at one of my favorites Rosa Mexicano[there guacamole is AMAZING] and Bloomingdales before heading back to meet our driver at the hotel. He called to tell us he would be there at 2pm. We had about 10 minutes to get back to the hotel..We went the wrong way on the subway, got in a cab to sit still for 5 minutes only to pay $5, and realized the Dominican parade was going on, and we COULD NOT get around it. We were frantic, because we were already cutting it close with our flight. After running around like crazy women, we finally found a way around and made it back to our hotel at 2:25. Dawn is 6 months pregnant, and I really thought she might go into an early labor the way we were running around. We got to the airport at 2:45, through security at 3:15 and made our way to the gate where our flight should have been already was delayed over an hour! That was just our luck after the craziness we had, BUT even through things were hectic, we had a great last day in the city! 
It seemed like we were there for longer than 3 days which was a good thing, because looking back it went by so fast! We decided a girls trip is in order every year:) 


Linda said...

Wow! What a fun trip. I am glad you and the girlfriends could get away!

I have never been to looks like there is a ton of stuff to do there. You girls did a lot in only 3 days!

I'll bet you missed Annie Rice. She was probably glad to see her momma!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Anne @ Hello Newmans said...

so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!