Thursday, August 02, 2012

farmhouse table made by my husband....

Kaz and I have been talking for awhile about some different things we wanted to do to our house. We love our house, but it’s definitely gotten smaller now that we are a family of 3 + Miley. We have worked really hard to pay down our mortgage over the last few years, and after looking at buying a new house for awhile, we decided to stay in this house for a few more years to save money.  We could definitely use more space, BUT we have worked so hard to lower our monthly mortgage payment, we know moving would only increase that payment. SO, we have been talking about different options of things to do in the house to make more room for our family especially since we are starting the adoption process again. I absolutely love the layout of our house and my talented husband has put so much hard work into it! 
The first thing we wanted to do was get a bigger kitchen table. Our house has a dinning room that we turned into my office. 
The table we had in our eat in kitchen was a tall pub table and Miley’s kennel was in there. It always felt really cluttered and we couldn’t have more than 2 people over for dinner without having to eat in the living room. A few weeks ago, we literally went to every furniture store in Charleston trying to find the table we wanted. That night, I was discouraged because we found nothing that we both liked and we really didn’t even find anything remotely close to what we wanted! SO, I found a table on pinterest I liked and Kaz built it and built it within 2 weeks! He worked supper hard and he did such a good job! I love our new table. It changes the whole feel of our house and every time we sit down for dinner, it feels more “family like”. We have 1 other project to complete in the kitchen with some frames I bought from the thrift store, so once we have that done, I’ll show you pictures of our whole kitchen:) 
Here’s some of the pictures that Kaz’s dad took while they built the table...and some of there little helper:) I was at a wedding while all these pictures were taken, so Annie Rice’s hair is everywhere:)

 I'm going tomorrow to get 1 more chair for the other end of the table:) We can now sit up to 7 people at the table:) 


Alli said...

Annie Rice's hair may be all over the place, but those curls are absolutely adorable!

Beth said...

just beautiful curls. it is so nice to having a hubby that loves to create. fun! my hubby loves finding new projects to work on. enjoy the table! (:

Bonky's Mom said...

Gorgeous! I can imagine what memories of sweet conversations and laughter you have over the years! And as always...AR is such a doll!