Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas and being back....

Well, I’m finally back! I decided to take a little longer break from blogging to catch up on rest and housework:) BUT I’m finally back! 
This is a LONG, overdue post on Christmas:)
We had a great Christmas in Chicago and Hartsville! Before we left for Chicago, we spent the night with Todd and Liz. We had to take a few pictures of Charlie and Annie Rice in there matching outfits:) We were in Chicago the 21-Christmas morning, flew back Christmas morning and went to my parents house. We enjoyed getting to see all of our families! I of course got sick yet again! It’s like my body knows whenever I go to Illinois to get sick:( Annie Rice enjoyed seeing everyone and playing with her cousin Matias! When opening presents, she loved the tissue paper and boxes better than anything:)
We visited Mr. Billy and Mr. AP while we were in Hartsville! They loved Annie and she smiled and giggled so much for them!
I couldn’t help thinking how blessed we are all of Christmas. It was a strange feeling knowing Annie was with another family last Christmas, but we sure enjoyed every second this Christmas! Kaz and I honestly didn’t really get her anything. We had in the closest still about 10 bigger toys from showers from friends and family so we wrapped a few of those! She didn’t know the difference and loved every toy! She’s growing up so fast! I can’t wait to share more about all the latest things she’s into right now! 
Once we got back after Christmas, we cleaned the house and my parents came down for a few days. Here are lots of pictures! I honestly didn’t take a ton...Surprising, I know...I can’t believe it myself! most of these are from our parents! 

Notice her face...She's starting early! She's probably thinking, "Charlie you better come back over here and sit by me!" HaHa

Annie Rice and Grandpa Cy

We attempted a picture with all the grandkids. Didn't go so well:(

Matias wanted to scoot like Annie Rice!

Her favorite thing. The tissue paper!

Sweet Mr. Billy. He told dad he wanted him to bring him 2 ears of COOKED corn! HaHa! Usually he ask for pumpkin bread:)
Mr. AP

PaPa and MeMe
All the cousins!

Aunt JaJa and Uncle Larry!

Worn out on our outing to Chicago!

So tired Christmas morning!


Kim Fudge said...

looks like yall had a great christmas! Annie is getting so big and she is still soo cute!! :)

The Wallace Family said...

What sweet Christmas pictures! i am sure this year was extra special for you:) Annie is so adorable!

E. said...

Annie Rice is so cute when she sleeps. wonder what she is dreaming? awww!!! (: