Monday, December 19, 2011

busy bee....

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. I hardly wrote any last week...I have been SO BUSY! Here are a few random things going on in the Prikazsky household:)
Awhile back I mentioned we were going to put our house on the market...Well, after talking with the Realtor and seeing how much we would have to loose on the house, we decided to look at other options! So we refinanced, rented a storage unit, and re-arranged the rooms in our house! Our dinning room is now my office, Annie’s room and guest room is now just Annie’s room, and the old office is the guest bedroom! With all of these changes, have come some updates! Good updates! I’ve been working with most of my free time on these projects and finishing each room! There’s still more to do but I hope to show you lots of pictures after Christmas! I’ve pulled out my crafty and creative tools and it’s been a lot of fun:) I’ll give you a sneak peak on 2 things in Annie Rice’s room!
wall art that I made and some big green polka dots for the wall:) I’ll share more after Christmas when the rooms are finished:)
photo credit: Wall Pops

The Lord has been doing a lot in my heart lately, especially in the month of December. He’s been stirring in some big ways! I’ve been reminded everyday of just how much I want to really teach and model to Annie Rice what Christmas is all about. Our role as moms and parents are huge because these little ones learn so fast and pick up on everything we do! One thing we’ve wanted Annie Rice to learn is that everything we have comes from the Lord. We’ve been “trying” to teach her that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday and just as he gives us everything in life, we wanted to teach her about giving him a gift for His birthday. So back in November, we started putting all of our change in a piggy bank and letting her drop the coins in. Everytime we told her that was money for Jesus’s birthday. Last week, I emptied out the piggy bank and was blown away with what was in there. I deposited the money, wrote a check and wrapped it to let Annie Rice take it to church for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. Today as I drove to the church, I prayed that the Lord would use that money for His glory. It was a very hard thing to do because it was over and above our tithe and there were all these ways that I could think about how we could use that money. But all month, I have been so excited every time I put money in that piggy bank. I’ve been planning it out and picturing Annie give that gift to the church staff as a gift to Jesus for His birthday. I didn’t expect how emotional I would be. It was a huge blessing and a very special time for me. The Lord has blessed us more than I can ever say and it’s an honor for me to be apart of His Kingdom and in molding and raising such a sweet little girl to know Him. 

With all the projects and daily life, we have been traveling a lot too! It seems like we’ve been more on the road the last 3 weeks than we have all year! And it’s not slowing down! We are leaving on Wed to go to Chicago for Christmas! I’m so excited:) This is my last post until after Christmas so from my family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Dawn said...

Love the wall art! :) Sweet!

E. said...

oh, how special. wow, this message was full of all kinds of news. Merry Christmas to you & the family. hope it is a great one!! can't wait to hear all about your new located rooms & everything else in the new year. how exciting. (:

Jemsmom said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!