Wednesday, January 04, 2012

catching up...

SO MUCH has been going on lately...I don’t even know where to begin!
The book process is moving along! I received my first edits over Christmas and should receive the final edits in a few days! Then it’s off to illustrations:)
Annie Rice has been doing so good! She has started pulling up on everything! She loves telling every one HI when we go to any store. She will yell HI to some people and others just wrinkle her little nose! She has started saying the tickling sound non-stop...gita gita gita! She loves for us to read her a story! I took this video the other night of her and Kaz. She giggled and snorted while Kaz read to her! It was so funny!
She will be 18 months in 2 days and still in 12 month clothes:) I have no idea how to plan ahead for her because she’s so tiny! She’s been in 12 month clothes since we got her so I don’t know if she will be in 18 or 24 months for summer:( I LOVE when she lays her head on my shoulder. She will only lay this way on me, with her little butt stuck out! I LOVE it! She is such a little blessing.
The only thing I asked Kaz for Christmas was a sewing class! I took the class back in November and honestly haven’t had time to sew until this week but I’ve been enjoying it! Once I finish a few more projects, I’ll share:)
I have a new addiction...It’s not SODA or SWEETS. IT’S WORSE! Stuff Jalapenos! I have made them 2xs this week already and it’s only Wednesday if that tells you anything! This is what I put in mine: sausage, cream cheese, and fresh Parmesan cheese! Yum, Yum! I never thought I would like them because I don’t eat HOT stuff BUT if you take out all the seeds and wash them there’s not really a kick at all! Last night was my last night of eating them for awhile! I have to have limits:) 
I told you awhile back we’ve been doing a lot of projects around the house! We are almost finished! One room left to finish! I will post pictures tomorrow of Annie Rice’s room! I worked really hard on it, made pretty much everything and absolutely love the way it turned out! Check back tomorrow:)


Anne said...

you have to send me that recipe...or then again, maybe not? haha. it sounds delish!!

Kim Fudge said...

ooo we LOVE Stuffed Jalapenos at our house. Please send or post the recipe please! :) Sounds very yummy

Angela said...

That video is the cutest thing ever. It had all four of us in stitches! Lots of hugs!

Beth said...

what a great gift... sewing. i took sewing in home economics ... but would love to be able to do more. (: