Tuesday, January 24, 2012

life, fabric and lots of staples...

The last few weeks I have been extremely lazy...well, in some ways! Annie Rice takes a 3-4 hr nap each day and I’ve found myself lately wanting to do nothing but watch TV and lay around! More specifically watch 90210:) I have January and February off from weddings and it’s my time to relax. The problem is I’m relaxing a little too much:) BUT life and work will get crazy soon enough so I’m going to enjoy it while I can!  While I’ve been lazy in some areas, I’ve been working really hard around the house on projects. I think we have about 5-6 different projects going on! AND everyday when Kaz comes home I’ve started on something else:) Our current list of projects are re-doing our kitchen[counter tops and back splash, guest bedroom which is almost finished, our bathroom, and little odds and ends such as making a chalk board for Annie Rice! I HOPE HOPE HOPE to be posting pictures soon! Pinterest has become my new best friend and I have found so many ideas on there:) Kaz gets really scared when I ask for his staple gun because I have come to LOVE the words fabric and staples. I have come to realize that fabric, paint, and staples can fix just about anything! I have recovered the same chair 2xs this week with fabric:) It’s finally the way I want it! BUT I do scare Kaz when I mention those words or say, “I have a question”. BECAUSE he knows I’m thinking of something new to do:)
The last few days Annie Rice has been sleeping a ton! Normally we put her down around 8 at night and she wakes up between 730-815 in the mornings. The last few days we’ve put her down closer to 7 and she’s been waking up at 9. Don’t get me wrong...It’s very nice and I’ll take it when it comes:) Each day, I go into her room to find a new dilemma in her diaper! Yesterday morning, she had pooped and peed so much that not only was the entire sheet covered, but her clothes were soaking wet and she slept through it all! I had to WAKE her up at 9. I don’t know how she slept through all of that...I know she much have been freezing! Today, I found a lot of poop:) It had gotten on her back and clothes so I took her to the bathtub to wash her off. I put the dirty clothes in the hall because it’s hardwood flooring...Got Annie settled with eating and then went back to pick up the diaper and clothes. The pj’s were no where to be found. After searching around, I found them with my 4 legged friend...You can imagine what she was doing! I hope tomorrow morning is a little less drama free:) Doesn’t Miley just look guilty?

 Annie Rice has started LOVING camel backs! She loves drinking out of Kaz’s backpack and we got her a little pink camelback that we have to practically pry out her hand! These pictures are so sweet of her:)


Miranda said...

I hope you post pictures of your projects! I'm IN LOVE with Pinterest! I don't know what I did without it! haha!

She is the cutest little thing!!! She makes the CUTEST FACES!!!!!!!

Dawn said...

:) Little Mollie got in trouble a few days ago for a similar situation-yuck! :) Can't wait to see all of your projects!