Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I would rather....

I would rather throw up ALL day and ALL night than…..
I would rather go without food for 5 days than…..
I would rather be stuck in a room full of bugs than….
I would rather stay in a very cheap, stinky hotel than….
I would rather walk on rocks all day with no shoes than….

DO YOU GET THE POINT? Today’s the dreaded day….I HAVE to go to the DENTIST. The word makes me cringe:( I have never been to the dentist without having a cavity. I had my first root canal in high school. I HAVE VERY BAD, AWFUL, TEETH:(
It’s no wonder that when I got married I stopped going to the dentist. WHY WOULD I? I HATE IT! YES, IT’S been 4 years since my last visit. 4 YEARS!

My dad says I deserve every bit of what the dentist tells me. I have no doubt he will say I have 7 cavities, and need 4 root canals. OH BOY! HERE WE GO:(

I can just hear the JAWS music playing in my head!


Mighty M said...

Hang in there - hopefully the drugs will be ample and the loopiness will be plentiful! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh girl... I feel ya! I have horrible teeth too... I just had my 7th root canal & 6th crown... & STILL having problems with other teeth... so "BAD TEETH-ERS... UNITE"

Its not that bad though... I think our "nerves" are worse then any procedure. Hang in there!

maNda said...

you sound like my husband! and im the weird one that loves the dentist! good luck!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm not a big fan of the dentist either. I avoided it for a few years after I got married, and ended up getting a root canal my first visit back after two years. I haven't missed an appointment since because I can't afford to have root canals every other year:)

melissa said...

I'm the same way! Always need to have to work done!

GET THE GAS! Make the best of it! ha! :)

Jemsmom said...

Good luck! I used to be that way, but after braces for almost three years when I was 25, then dentist and orthodontist are my friends!

Miranda said...

You're not alone, girl! I go to the dentist every 6 months and I STILL have all those issues!! Teeth do not care that I go every 6 months..LoL

Christy said...

I feel ya ... I HATE the dentist too. My husband is trying to make me go, and I keep saying no. I'd say it will be alright, but really I'm just glad I'm not going!

The Survival Mama said...

Oh dear. That doesn't sound like fun AT ALL! I've been lucky, but my poor husband has had horrible luck.

Hope it goes well and you get to eat something fun, like ice cream after.

Swinging over from lowercase letters.

Excited to follow all your adventures now, I'll be back for more.

The Survival Mama