Friday, November 12, 2010

an early christmas!!!!!

This past weekend Kaz and I did a little Christmas shopping:) Well, if I’m honest, we actually bought our Christmas presents from each other!!! You see, Kaz and I are not very good at giving presents. I hope this will change once we have children because we will actually have to wait until Christmas or a birthday to give the gift. We’ve done this every year! We buy the presents and then have nothing to open Christmas morning from each other [although we do have presents from our parents still:)]. I actually like the way we do things because I get the presents early BUT I also know it’s would neat to actually be surprised and open gifts on Christmas morning:) That’s another thing…Even if I buy Kaz a gift and he doesn’t know what it is, I CAN’T keep a secret. I LOVE giving gifts. I can’t wait! I’ve already given 2 friends their gifts this year back in Sept! Ha-Ha! I think I have a long way to go:(

BUT ANYWAY, I’m very excited about our Christmas gifts! The only thing I wanted was some new running gear AND an entry for the Charleston Half Marathon in January. I’m super pumped about my FIRST Half Marathon although I need to get to my running schedule….I’ve got less than 11 weeks! Oh boy! Anyway….I got a new pair of running shoes! I LOVE them! They are Nike’s LunarGlide’s for women. Here’s a picture I took with my iPhone [it’s not very good].

These shoes are SO light weight! AND I love the old school look of them!
I also got 2 Nike Element Half-Zip Women’s Running Shirts.
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Can you tell I’m a Nike Fan? I got bright orange and black! They are SO soft, light weight, and excellent to run in during the winter months!SO I’m one happy girl! I’ve got everything I need to run a successful race:) Have I mentioned I also LOVE running?
Going back to Nike, I HAVE to just tell you about my favorite running shorts. I WON’T buy any other kind. I literally have almost every color in these shorts! I wear them to lounge in and run! Nike Womens TM 3IN Race Shorts-THEY ARE FABULOUS! Ok, off my Nike kick:)

I also got a The North Face Apex Elixir Softshell Jacket in a Kelly green!
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It’s so pretty! I don’t have any light weight jackets so this one is perfect!

Kaz also got his Christmas presents! His absolute, favorite store is REI. He could spend hours in there if I would let him! Kaz has been wanting a new coat!
He has a red North Face Apex Bionic Jacket that he’s had for a couple years now. It’s a great jacket but he’s just been wanting something new. So he got a Marmot Hamilton Jacket. It’s black and looks really good on him!
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Now all we need is the weather to get cold enough so he can wear it:) He also got some North Face Running Pants and a few shirts!



Laura said...

Don't feel too bad you aren't alone in the not waiting till the event for presents. My husband and I are the same way. We tend to shop seperate but as soon as we get home we want to show the other one what we got them. (Give it to them) We are just too excited to wait. We will def have to do Christmas shopping for our kids Christmas eve for the most part or they will get everything for Chanukkah (husbands Jewish)

Ashley said...

I can't keep a secret either ;)

Donnamo said...

I KNOW why you love to give gifts...your mother is the biggest gift giver to most people...I know.

Your new gear makes me want to run again (its been six months since I stopped due to hot weather and maybe some old age :)