Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a celebration…

You’ve heard me talk about our old community group several times. We are all still really good friends and occasionally like to meet at Moes for dinner on Monday nights! We were able to meet last Monday night to catch up, and celebrate thanksgiving and the holidays coming up. After leaving, I think mostly every couple mentioned how much we miss getting together so we are now going to be meeting once a month on Monday nights at Moes! Kaz and I love this group of people! They have been so supportive and walked with us along our journey of infertility and adoption! The group has definitely grown the last few years with new little ones and is continuing to grow! We have always said that we HOPE it works out one day when we get our phone call about our little one that we could meet at Moes to celebrate. Maybe it will work out like that one day;)

Here are a few pictures…We were missing one couple who couldn’t make it
that night:(

Kaz, Caleb, Jude, Chad, Kelly, and Hunter
 Carson, Beth, Carissa, Sage, Julie, Darby, and me

We missed Blythe and RyanL


Miranda said...

It's so great having a group of friends like that! :-) You're so blessed! :-)

julie said...

oh yes! wouldn't it be so GREAT to get a phone call and celebrate at moe's! ;)