Tuesday, May 22, 2012

little moments....

I love my sweet baby girl. She has such the personality and makes me laugh every day! These are moments I never want to forget...

The other day we were playing with a box of pasta, making pasta necklaces. Annie Rice and Miley knocked over the box of pasta, and Annie Rice looked at Miley and said, "uh oh Miley". It was priceless. If only I could have had it on video tape!

She constantly says, Thank You to anyone who gives her anything or does something for her. The cute part is she most of the time says "Thank You Mommy" to everyone. In the last few days she's started saying "Thank You Daddy, and Thank You Miley." I love hearing her say Thank You Mommy...it's the sweetest voice ever. 

She loves wearing my shoes or really any of my clothes! Even if they are dirty, she struts around proudly. 

She's a cookie-holic. She ask for cookies all day long! A cookie can be cheerios, animal crackers, really anything that can go in her snack trap! This morning for breakfast she had an egg and nutragrain bar. When I gave her the nutragrain bar, she held it up, giggled and said COOKIE! Yesterday, she was having a cookie nightmare. She talked in her sleep for 20 minutes about cookies and kept saying, "No cookie". 

She shows everyone her shoes! If she's not wearing shoes, you know it! When we meet random strangers at the grocery store she will say, "Hi" point to her feet and say, "SHOES".  

She loves Miley, but has started saying, "No Miley, and Stay Miley." She's putting Miley in her place at an early age:) She will somedays bless Miley out for walking by her toy...On those days, I make her tell Miley she's sorry. It's pretty funny but very sweet.

I just love my sweet baby girl...To think that this time last year, we hadn't even met her and now I can't remember what life was like without her. I am so blessed. 

Thank you Lord for the trials we went through in order for you to bless us with this sweet little girl.

 showing off her fingernails...


stacey said...

cutie! my niece used to say "thank you" so sweetly to her mom after she changed her diaper. ha!

BumbersBumblings said...

She is so sweet! This is my first time visiting your blog. Look forward to reading more about your story!