Friday, June 17, 2011

a few more beach pictures...

We really had such a great time at the beach, especially once the men got there! We told Liz and Todd that we wanted to watch Charlie one night while they went out to dinner! We LOVED every minute of it and he was so good! We took him for a walk, and he was asleep by the time we got back! Here are just a few more pictures:)

 LOVE this one:)

 After our walk:)


Brittany said...

Great pictures!! I love your hat!

Ashley said...

The black and white picture is SO cute!

Liz said...

We had such a great times with u guys. We were so thankful for u and Kaz offering to watch Charlie so we could go out to dinner. U and Kaz are going to be amazing parents when God is ready to place a child in your arms!!! We pray that is sooner than later!!!
We r so blessed to have God put u and Kaz in our lives and are so thankful for our friendship. Thanks for posting the pics on FB.
P.S. I had NO concerns when yall watched Charlie except for him getting spoiled even more...yes u succeeded. LOVE U BOTH!!!!!